Tuesday, March 19, 2013

another direction

I finished the painting, sanding, waxing and buffing on my Craigs list cabinet.  Like I said before, I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Coco (aka French  Old Linen outside of the US)... and I chose to do something a little different for the inside.

It's now residing in the spot at the top of the stairs... sans knobs and glass... but otherwise finished.

The view as you come up the stairs... this space is kind of awkward and it was hard to get a picture of the finished cabinet.  I think it took me as long to arrange everything as it did to paint!

I played around with mixing the Coco with both Pure White for one coat and Old White for another.  I also used Coco unmixed as the base coat... three coats of paint and a bit of pure Coco here and there to bring out a bit of detail.

I'll be ordering knobs from Anthro since I won't be heading to Seattle anytime soon.  I only need two so I can splurge a little.  One thing about using chalk paint was that I didn't worry about getting it on the hardware for the keyhole and locking mechanism since I could lightly sand it off during the sanding stage.

I sanded to bring out some of the detail...

Especially around the molding at the top... I also didn't work any paint into each little bit of this dental(?) molding.

The bottom or feet got a bit of distressing too.  Clear ASCP wax and a good buffing and the piece was done.  I think I've finally mastered the not too much, not too little wax step.  The first few times I used too much wax and that certainly made the buffing stage a little bit harder.

And the different route I chose for the interior?  Well originally I thought I would paint it Duck Egg Blue or Provence... then I thought I'd wallpaper the back with some vintage or vintage inspired paper... then I realized I already had the perfect linen to go with the Coco paint.  A damask pattern.

I like the subtle pattern behind the shelves... and since they are removable it was easy to add the fabric.

I just attached it along the top, sides and in the center behind each shelf with thumbtacks.

Since perhaps I just might change my mind about the interior one day.

Of course I filled the inside, top and bottom, with my favorites from the prior bookshelf.

Not quite everything fit but everything that I really wanted to keep fit just find.  The over sized books went in the bottom since it is a little deeper.

The top is full of some special white pieces like this little set of ironstone that was my grandmother's.  As children we used to take it outside and play with it.  When my parents moved into my grandparent's house and took a a huge bush... well it was inside.  See this bush was our private little place to play house since it was hollow inside!

Of course my Nancy Drew books made the cut...

Some family bibles, including a Norwegian one, are stacked on a shelf... and these two little shell shaped vases belonged to an honorary aunt.  She kept them in her bathroom for years and years.  The are California Pottery pieces and are actually worth quite a bit so they need a safe spot to rest.

All and all I'm happy with the results...
And now I just need to tweak a few things in this space and it's finished... at least for now.


  1. This looks gorgeous! You did a beautiful job staging it as well. Can't wait to see what you get for pulls!

  2. Your cabinet is charming; I love the dental molding at the top and the little curves in the corners of the glass windows. You did a beautiful job on it and I'm sure it will become a very treasured item in your home. I love visiting your blog, but don't always take the time to comment, but today I have more time. I admire all your Easter and Spring decorating . . . your home looks so lovely and ready for the wonderful fresh season upon us. Do you live close to where they have the Tulip Festival? I have always wanted to attend. The problem is talking my sweet husband into going over the pass that early in the year. In fact we get to the Seattle area about once every five years or so. He was raised there, but loves the sunny side of the state:)
    I love your blog and would love to invite you to become a mutual follwer. I have met the nicest people through blogging and would love to get to know you better. I'm a retired wife, mother and grandma, that has turn retirement into a second job. I do a lot of volunteering as well as the fact that I always have my hands dirty in one DIY project or another :)
    Have a lovely, joy filled day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie
    P.S. Happy first day of Spring!

  3. That sure turned out nice, your choice for the inside gives it a classy feel. Those knobs will be a nice final touch, for sure.

    Love your header! xo

  4. Oh man that turned out so pretty! I love that color and the fabric on the inside looks perfect. I've never used ASC paint but maybe one day..

  5. Oh how pretty! I love the color and the damask pattern is subtle, but adds a nice touch. How perfect that you can remove if you need a change. And of course I love all your vintage treasures. I have those same garden books. Nicely done Chris!

  6. I love your cabinet! I have never used the ASC paint but would love to.

  7. Looks fab! I am in the process of painting my own corner cabinet. I'm stuck on what to do with the inside!!! (visiting from Tuesdays Treasures)

  8. Nice job on that cabinet.. you are very organized!! You can get those candles on the Cath Kidston website, make sure its the US one. And you really should learn to crochet, it would go very well with your other collectibles. It's easy! Teresa :-)

  9. The color is lovely and I like the way you used fabric to line the inside. I have a few Nancy Drew books, too, but my sister is really the collector.

  10. wow ...such a stylish transformation! love the colour!

  11. I love the different baking...what a great idea! You could change it any time you want! Oh the possibilities!!!! I painted a few goodies for the wedding...just candle/dessert holder/tray thingies!!! But it was fun!

    That's so funny that you recognized the barn... it is Kranz Koop! What a fun place...so much eye candy!

  12. That was supposed to say "backing"!!!


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