Sunday, March 17, 2013

vintage easter finds

As many of you know... and I just realized... Easter is just a couple of weeks away.  An early March 31st for 2013.  Needless to say, if I was going to be decorating for Easter I'd better get busy or that ship would be sailing without me.

Like most of the holidays, my collection of vintage Easter decorations grows each year.  Yesterday I came across this adorable child's Easter apron or pinafore.  At $10 I thought it was a pretty good buy... especially for an antique store find.

It's all hand stitched on cotton... think flour sack dish cloth cotton.  There are two adorable pockets with carrots and the straps cross in the back.

The Easter bunny face is a little bit frown-y....

But it's still adorable hanging in my kitchen.

I was lucky enough to find some great Easter items yesterday at the thrift store too.  This cute little yellow basket is most likely not as vintage as some of my finds but for $.49 I couldn't pass it by...

And the crochet or tatted egg with little paper flowers?

I couldn't believe it was a mere $.49 as well!  It always makes me sad to see a handmade object at the thrift store... somebody put time and love into this little egg... but at least I can "save" it!

These two little guys were just $1.99... and they still had their little pencil tag which looked pretty old.  The little bunnies can even sit since their legs and arms are jointed and therefore move.

They got a place of honor this year on one of my kitchen shelves.

This beauty was purchased from a fellow blogger... I love the painted "jello" cup tin/mold it's in!  It's full of vintage Easter goodies.  She makes the most adorable items for every holiday.

My final Easter find yesterday were some little pink eggs to add to my display...

I didn't want to put them in a little dish since they look good enough to eat!  I picked up 10 at a local gift store, Grandiflora.

A few more surround one of my vintage, foiled eggs... and a vintage aqua blue chick is peaking out at us all.

Don't you think these look like candies?

And the little yellow basket?  Well I added some vintage paper flowers to the lonely one that was there.

And some pastel plastic eggs.  It looks right at home on my dining room table with all of my "yellow" Easter bits and pieces.

A few daffodils and the yellow vignette is complete.

A bright and sunshine-y way to enjoy the weeks... days until Easter.

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  1. What lovely displays! Love your pretty vintage treasures. That bunny apron does look a little unhappy, though ;-)

  2. You have the best vintage goodies! And what great finds. Love those little bunnies and the yellow vignette is calling my name!

  3. Love all your Vintage Easter finds . . . the tiny bunnies and bunny apron are my favorites . . . and the little yellow basket is pretty sweet too!

  4. You are always so "johnny-on-the-spot" in your holiday decorating...I just took the sled off my porch!!!!
    Have been doing a little painting of things I've picked up to use as stands on the wedding tables.
    I'm trying to focus on getting my devotions done in the morning (and not just rushing through) and exercising. By the time I get that done, because I'm such a procrastinator, my day is half over!
    Did you go to the craft show? I got 2 things, but am never that impressed with the spring version. I did get all the curly willow that was in the entry tunnel...using that for the wedding!
    Haven't been to the thrift store in weeks...!!!
    Heading to Grandiflora today though, love your little eggs!
    Have a wonderful week Chris!

  5. What sweet Easter treasures! Love the little bunny apron! Too cute! xo Heather


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