Tuesday, February 18, 2014

a baby's project, fun & flannel burp cloths

This is one of the first sewing projects I've tackled for our new grand baby, yes, if you missed it before, there will be a new (and first) grand baby coming around the beginning of June!  Since we don't know if it's a girl or a boy I decided why make these little burp cloths gender specific to the baby... how about making them gender specific for the parents!  Now dad can have a salmon on his shoulder even if the little one is a girl.

I came across this idea on (where else) Pinterest.  I found this blogger back when the wedding was being planned, she has a wedding blog and now a well, regular blog.  I liked the idea of adding flannel to pre-made/pre-fold diapers but I really just used the idea and didn't follow any of her directions... I kind of like to wing things sometimes.

First up, the diapers I used were OsoCozy pre-fold diapers I found here.  Since some of the flannels I used where white and some off white, I purchased a package of bleached (white) and unbleached (off white)... they come 6 to a package so I was prepared to make 12 clothes.

I rounded up some flannels... some from my stash, some purchased online and some fat quarters from a local quilt shop.  The fat quarters make 2 clothes and the online shop required a one yard minimum so I have enough of the salmon, stars and circles to make some flannel blankets as well.  The gray alphabet was also an online purchase and I purchased 2 yards so it will be enough for a crib sheet and 2 cloths.

 So the idea is to cover the center, padded section with flannel.  Making it nice and soft for a little one's head to rest, but a plain diaper on the reverse for, well, extra absorbency if needed... if you know what I mean... although I must admit I don't have a lot of experience with this.  My babies hardly ever spit up, really.  In fact when it did occasionally happen I usually was not prepared and would have to resort to what ever was handy, including a jacket one time... don't ask.

But lets get back on track... so the center portion...

I cut strips of fabric about a half inch larger on each side as well as top and bottom.  Depending on the size of diapers you use these dimensions could be larger or smaller... you should be sure to have the diapers BEFORE you get fabric, although I still think you'd be able to use a fat quarter for larger sizes.

Next I pinned the flannel to the diaper, folding the raw edges under.

And just sewed around the edge keeping close to the fold without getting off course.  Easy and peasy, wouldn't you say?

Really the hardest part was threading the sewing machine when I changed from white thread to off white thread!

But seriously, I'm happy with my dozen... two of each... some masculine some more feminine.  And yes, I did have my son in law in mind when I picked out the fish flannel!

The white's are pretty gender neutral... and I worked in a bit of our neighbor to the north in the Canada flannel.

All in all, worth the effort.  Only the softest will do.
This is going to be one pampered little Mr or Miss!

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  1. Cute cute cute! I was hoping to get a few of these done before the shower, but they may have to wait til after. I AM definitely making cotton flannel blankets, though. You and I are doing pretty much the exact same thing, with first grandbabies due only a few weeks apart. :-) So fun!

  2. Love your little burp cloths Chris! They look so soft and cozy, perfect for chubby little cheeks! ... And I am so excited for you! Being a grandma is just the best thing ever! And I know this little one will be one very loved baby!

  3. Sweet sweet. A few years ago I had a pretty successful little business sewing baby items and I probably made over a thousand of these. I got burned out so when little Dutch came he just got the cloth diapers with no cute fabric. I did find a few in my old stash that were cute so those were the burp cloths that sat out! The baby and your daughter will love them, they absorb the best!

  4. Lovely! Those will be great. I make those as well, whenever someone is expecting. They are always a big hit.


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