Tuesday, February 4, 2014

a cupboard, but not bare like mother hubbard's

I'm finally getting around to it...

Quite awhile back my husband came across this little beauty at our local salvage store.  An interesting little gray cupboard.  It appears, based on the grime factor, to have come out of a shop, farm or other such hard working area.

It's an interesting design... the shelves at the top are narrower than the ones on the bottom so it sort of angles out.

There is also a little cubby at the bottom.  It's about 3 feet tall and needs some sort of legs... the cardboard box it is sitting on is just to see how tall I'd like to be, so trust me, it won't be a permanent fixture!

Since the beauty had been sitting in my sewing room for a number of months, neglected, I though I'd at least clean it up and decide how I should fix it up... First I started by cleaning it and boy was it greasy and grimy!  I was about to start filling the little shelves up when I thought of some small pieces of oilcloth I'd bought a number of years ago for samples... hmm...

I had this cute pink gingham...

As well as some other patterns with fruit...

The gingham was a winner since those little squares make for EASY cutting and measuring!

And with oilcloth I could add it to the shelves and not have to adhere it in anyway in case I change my mind, but I don't think I will!  The "bends" in the oilcloth will slowly relax out over time...

I did use some cute pink with strawberries for two of the shelves to break it all up a bit.  Then I started adding all kinds of fun bits and bobs I had around that I wanted to store in here.

There is even this little frame on the inside of one door that I slid a paint by number pic into... and an extra key!  Always handy to have.  You never know when I may want to lock up my little treasures!

I filled the shelves with baker's twine, vintage jars to fill with bit of fluffery, ribbon (and my favorite Paper Source style ribbon fits oh so well on a shelf), the stacks of playing cards I've acquired at the thrift store for projects... and two non working clocks for the top, just to be cute.

And a... oops, I'm in the mirror, let's try that one again!

And a shot of it all... The bottom cubby is perfect for storing my stash of vintage albums, many I buy just for the cool vintage paper inside of them.  The bottom shelf just above the cubby is the deepest and is a perfect spot for my vintage greeting cards that I've collected.

Now I just need to decide on a color... it's currently a soft gray shade, with the grime factor not so attractive.  I'm not sure exactly what color to go with... pink?  white?  aqua?  It is in my sewing room which is a pale aqua color with lots of white and pink... The mirror above it is close to the Duck Egg Blue color (ASCP) so that may be the color I will go with since it will probably be chalk paint so that I can let it stay rustic, perhaps even let a bit of the gray and grit show through.  What do you think?
And of course the cardboard box will be going as soon as I find the perfect little legs... I'm thinking I'll look for a table or chair at our thrift store and we can cut the legs down to use... there's always one of those chairs or tables that are super, super wobbly and hard to fix...


  1. Its screaming for some color! Maybe butter yellow to go with your other décor?

    1. Great inspiration! Love the oil cloth you have. Thinking about the color....

    2. Wow, that is awesome!! Love the colors, just too cute!

  2. What a sweet cupboard! I'd definitely go with a bright happy color. And your cute nonworking clocks made me smile ... I have several around the house and my husband just doesn't get it!

  3. How do you find such treasures?! Love what you've filled it with...it's too cute to close the doors! Hmmm, aqua yes, then buttercream yellow too...can't wait to see the finished project. -Mary

  4. What a treasure your hubby found! You have fixed it up so cute too. Very interesting about the shelves being different depths..hmm? xo

  5. That is a great find and perfect for your sewing room. I admit I was kind of drooling over all the pretty twine. You probably would guess that I would choose white, but the aqua and pink would be a fun pop of colour too.

  6. What a sweet cupboard and filled with pretties! xo Heather


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