Saturday, February 22, 2014

LOVE, of chalkboards

My love this week, well it's one that should be well known to you all by now... chalkboards!

I've shown you chalkboard projects in the past... like this, this and this...

One of my favorites is this little vintage slate chalkboard that I change up all the time for holidays or seasons.

And the beauty is that it is two sided... so most of the time I have left this "home sweet home" message on one side...

And just change out the other side with my trusty bistro/chalk marker.  I've even gotten confident enough to free hand my images and not always use my tracing method.

But this one is probably the board that started it all.  It hangs in my kitchen and is actually the original medicane chest from our bathroom, found in the attic after we moved in.  The original mirror is still below the chalkboard as I just painted a thin piece of masonite with chalkboard paint to make this.

This spot too gets a little holiday decoration...

And last summer it was home to my "summer to do" list... which didn't all get done unfortunately.

And when talking about chalkboards I can't neglect to mention my daughter's wedding and all the chalkboards used.

All made from thrift and garage sale frames...

With chalkboard painted backings.

So although these may not stay in fashion in the "decorating world".
I'll be hanging on to mine, nonetheless.


  1. I agree Chris, a girl can never have too many chalkboards!

  2. I have always loved your chalkboard projects, but I've never gotten brave enough to try one. It's a new year though - and you've inspired me. I'll re-read your how-to's and give it a try! -Mary

  3. All wonderful ideas, I love chalk boards and have several throughout my home. I recently found some cookie tins with a chalkboard sticker on the side, those are fun in the kitchen.


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