Friday, February 28, 2014

LOVE, of a new find... waterlogue

So I have to admit, I'm not much of an "ap" person when it comes to my phone... but this one I couldn't resist after seeing it everywhere.  It's an ap called Waterlogue and it turns any picture into a water color!  I can take a new picture or, of course, an old one and make something artsy in just a few minutes.

My first try was a picture of our house.

In the original you can see that our yellow lab is laying off to the left of the porch (that blob on the grass) but she really doesn't show up in the water color image... nor does the open garage look so tacky!  I do like that the rhodie, azaleas and peonies make little pops of color.   Although I like the way it turned out, I'm not sure I like that the grass is so dominant.  I think perhaps I'll look for another house picture to try it on.

Then I decided to use picmonkey to add some text, especially since that grass was such a great spot for a little something extra.  I found a quote I liked and voila!  

My second try, well I seem to have lost my original... it's in one of my many folders but I couldn't seem to find it this morning... it's taken in front of our little red pump house... my infamous trough of sunflowers.  Truly this is one of my favorites and seems make a perfect water color.

Playing in picmonkey I added text and lightened the picture so that the text would show up stronger since it faded into the foliage a bit too much.

One of my all time favorite shots from my daughter's wedding in 2012...

I think this one I may have printed on water color paper.  I found a place online where you can have images printed on water color paper.  For a large print of something special these turn out wonderfully and I've had a number of large pictures done this way.  I'm moving into a new office at work next week and this would be fantastic framed and hung on my wall.

Wanting to try something simple...

Pretty fabulous too, if I don't say so myself.

I may have this one made into a note card...

For me the most challenging part of this process was getting the changed/water color photos OFF of my phone!  For some reason I'm having difficulty emailing pictures so I had to resort to the old fashioned way... plugging my phone into my computer!

Now that I'm hooked, I dug up a couple of more shots that I think may look good as water colors...

For my kitchen perhaps?

 One of my all time favorite pictures that I took years ago...

And another old photo... a "fairy tale" shot of my house...

So what about you?  Tried anything new lately?


  1. That looks like a fun app! I think you could make some great pictures to hang out of some of those...great job! Have a happy weekend!

  2. That is so cool, how fun! I just wish there was something online that I could use s I'm really bad at doing things on my phone.

    You have me hooked, those did turn out so good, I must go and investigate about other places to do it.

    Have a lovely weekend....We may all get snow strange. xo

  3. hey this is fabulous! thanks for schooling me! I love this idea and you have inspired me to try this technique!

  4. What terrific pictures...really fun! Too bad I don't have a swanky new phone...still living in the age of flip-phones, no apps for them! It looks like terrific fun, thanks for sharing. -Mary

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  6. Your photos turned out great. I want the app so badly but I don't have enough memory on my phone right now. boo hoo.

  7. I really need to give this a try! Your images are just beautiful!


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