Christmas in my dining room...

One thing I love about our little cottage at Red Gate Farm is the dining room. 

In our previous house, a 1970's split level, there was no dining room.  Just an eat in kitchen.

Here we have a nice dining room.  With a new, fabulous built in...

made to look like it was always here.

A place to keep china, silver, boopie glasses of many colors,

and family heirlooms.

A room that's a joy to decorate for the holidays.

Full of shimmer, sparkle, silver and gold.

To share meals in.  To create memories in.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

from my home to yours,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Your dining room looks so beautiful, especially dressed for the holidays! I can only imagine how much fun your built-in is, to decorate for all the various seasons as well as being practical and safely storing all your collectibles! I too love a separate dining room and you're all going to enjoy it on Christmas Day, when family from FAR and near gather for your festive meal!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! I love the cloche in the silver bowl...



  3. So pretty! And I love the built-in cabinets!

  4. What a gorgeous room. That built-in is to die for. Love the things you have in it too. The tree is perfect and I bet this is a great room to have a big, family dinner in. Love the new header too :)


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