Sunday, August 15, 2010

What does $15.14 get you?

Friday was the day I'd been looking forward to all week. Not just because I was kicking off my August Vacation Week but because of this.

Got there early, stood in line with others. For my $10 donation to get in an hour early and $15.14 at the check I got all of this...

2 1/2 tall white, iron plant stand

burgundy Haeger pot

vintage Milton Bradly cribbage set (instructions and pegs still inside)

red and green "honeycomb" Christmas bells

paper pumpkin decoration

knit dog stocking

small, vintage straw purse

bag of noisemakers/blowers for New Years celebration

depression glass pink plate

wide, linen bias tape

large jingle bells on leather strap

small white pyrex cup

pink hazel atlas jar

vintage christmas paper plates

small, yellow square china plate

3 plain glass "swanky swigs"

2 yards of kraft paper w/vegetable print

19 vintage "pepto bismal" pink Christmas light bulbs (that's how the guy behind me in line described them)

Currier & Ives Summer Homestead print (when I took print out of cheesy/cheap frame I discovered a copy of Fall Homestead as well)

2 boxes of unused Hallmark stationery (need to start writing my daughter in Toronto)

6 polka dot glasses (not vintage - but just the right size for everyday use)

2 Sunset magazine circa 1959 (one is the December issue, of course)

vintage Christmas children's sticker and activity book - unused! It's the kind where you have to actually LICK the stickers

2 small amber boopie glasses

wooden plant flat - for bedding plants

2 glass candlesticks (not old/vintage)

short milk glass vase

2 talk milk glass vases

7 packs of tissue paper

2 rolls of vintage streamers/crepe paper (one is red, white and blue!)

2/3 yard of floral ribbon

pack of orange pipe cleaners/chenille sticks

pack of green & silver pipe cleaners/chenille sticks

6 vintage spiral taper candles - about 6 inches tall, in the original box

2 cards of vintage silver jingle bells

box of vintage "flowers to paint" prints

Whew... and I was only there for an hour!

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