Thursday, February 17, 2011

The coop

The coop, the chicken coop that is, has many functions.  It actually is a chicken coop to our five hens (you may remember Lucy, Ethel, Thelma, Louise and Daisy Duke) as well as storage, garage space and dog run.  This building is a bit of an surprise....

Before we moved to Red Gate Farm it looked a little drab.  Just the front had been re-roofed and re-sided.  No door on one end completely, lots of broken windows.  Full of flotsam and jetsam from many years of being a rental property.  It's actually a space on the far left, then the actual coop space, followed by a small storage space at the center door and a large garage "bay" at the far left.

Slowly, like the rest of Red Gate Farm the coop was cleaned up.

The back side which still had a shake roof, was re shingled to match the front side.

The front side, the only one that had been resided was painted a nice shade of red.  Although I wanted white, I was out voted by the project supervisor.

A nice flower bed, edged by a cement border was created.  Just the home for the chippy, cement chickens and tons of zinnias and dahlias.

Of course there must be small cement slabs in front of each door.

And finally, a spot for a clematis on a trellis... just like I've always wanted.  One with large white flowers to really pop on the red of the coop.

Two old service station doors (scored on Craigs's List) became one glass door for the end of the coop that had been turned into a garage opening at some point over the years.  New sliding doors built along the front, two actually cover the old original doors that were in sad shape.  After all, once we had live chickens for the coop, we needed to keep out any visitors.

And a before shot of the back of the coop.... a pretty sad sight.

And now, that same view, with the industrial strength dog and chicken run, separate of course.  I figure this is the safest place on our farm in the case of an earthquake.  Those are some big beams supporting that little addition.

Next up may just need to be residing those other sides.

Coming to you from the great city of Toronto, yep this country girl should have some big city, vacation sharing this week....

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  1. Chris, I absolutely LOVE the coop. It is amazing and I am so jealous. I love the red-it’s perfect. That garage door--awesome!! I love it all. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip to Toronto. I will be home tomorrow and can’t wait to go through my package--hubby picked it up at the post office for me :)
    Hugs, Amy
    PS-don’t forget to link up.

  2. You have done some amazing work! Your farm looks like such a showplace.

  3. Nice Chicken coop you could live there.Great job. B

  4. How very cool ... reporting live from Mississauga! I must say, I really like the 'red'!

  5. So glad you got outvoted on the paint colour. Love the red!! Enjoy your trip, we're having some pretty great spring temps this weekend. I'm about 45 mins North of you guys in the city.

  6. Nice and pretty now. I would love a coop that huge!

  7. I LOVE your coop. I especially like the run and porch on the have given me some ideas for my own chicken Taj Mahal. Really lovely and inspiring!

  8. I covet any and all chicken coops! Yours is especially lovely!! My daughter and I named all of our "potential" chickens last year and have been waiting ever since!! Maybe someday!

    Hope you're having a wonderful trip:)

  9. Awesome service station door! Great find.

  10. I'm with the project supervisor ~ red's THE color. Love it

  11. Oh what an amazing coop. Your hens are very lucky to have such a home. One day soon I hope to a few girls of my own.

  12. A sharp looking red really, just perfect. The old glass service station door gave it that unique out of the ordinary look that makes it super special. Love it.

  13. hi chris, i just found you thru farm friend and i love this post! i am looking forward in seeing that white clematis. my favorite flower! stop by sometime when you can this weekend! jill

  14. Love the coop ! Hi there we are 2 hours west of you. Hope your Toronto visit is good, Personally I dont like Toronto or any city really I love our little towns and villages down here in south western ontario near lake Erie ! Have a great time though I hope the city slickers as we call them are very friendly and kind to you !

  15. WOW That is a great makeover on that coop! So I was looking threw some blogs and I came across yours, I love the things that you have done! Thanks for sharing and stop by sometime to visit me.

  16. The makeover is nothing short of miraculous! I like the red and the garage door additions. I think the clematis will be perfect there! I have been longing for a clematis for my chicken coop. We are just finishing our second coop from recycled materials, passive solar and very interesting. Hope you'll visit!

  17. *whistling through teeth*

    You have had one busy year...


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