Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A tulip dream

It's only February, but it seem like everywhere I look, I see daffodils and tulips.

First in the stores...

perhaps as cut flowers to take home...

or a pot of little tiny daffodils...

or even on a blog.  Either way...

it makes me long for...


My pink and ivory tulips that I can see out my kitchen window.

Bringing a little spring inspiration your way,

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  1. very pretty. I bought some white tulips today at the grocery...I just couldn't resist the urge to have some Spring inside!

  2. Oh, I love tulips, they are the little messengers that tell us spring is on it's
    way. . .
    Such pretty colors!

  3. Hi Chris, oooh your tulips are so very pretty!... thanks for sharing them today... not much happening yet in my gardens, it has still been bitter cold here... I am excited for Spring too! Your tulips make me think it really is coming soon!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. Your pictures get me so excited for Spring. I have also seen tulips in the store and want to pick some up. Spring is coming!

  5. Lovely - I can't wait until my tulips pop up. I am having daffodils immerging though and helleboros! Love Spring!

  6. I just love tulips! I need to go get some more, the ones that I had in my kitchen had faded. Come Spring time we have nothing but tulips where I live, we have a tulip festival every year!

  7. If I had those lovely tulips sleeping in my garden, I'd be anxiously awaiting them too!

  8. Tulips are may favorite flower. Spring is just around the corner. Beautiful photos.

  9. Beautiful! Spring is my favorite season and I love to see the tulips in bloom. Such a happy flower. I'm ready for the reveal :) xo

  10. Soo pretty, come on spring! Love your photos ! Have a good day !

  11. Hi Chris ... Your tulips are soooo beautiful! There is no evidence of plant life here as it's all buried under 3 feet of snow (which you'll soon experience yourself)!

  12. Hi Chris!!
    Thank you for visiting me , becoming a follower and entering my giveaway!!
    I would love to visit your area one day!
    Your daughter now lives in Toronto? I am from Niagara falls...hope she is staying warm!!
    Pamela :)

  13. So pretty!
    I see that you're in washington and after living in the Skagit Valley most of my life I can honestly say I prefer pictures of tulips more than the real thing!!

  14. Chris,
    Beautiful! And spring will be coming soon!

  15. Oh how beautiful! I wish that they were blooming here!


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