Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red is for Valentine's Day

I don't know about most of you, but don't you miss those Valentine's parties from elementary school?  Decorating a bag or a box with red hearts, paper doilies and glitter.  Lots and lots of glitter.  And glue.  Martha Stewart would be so proud.

You of course, got a list from the teacher so that you didn't forget even one classmate.  A Valentine for everyone... without the stress.  The expectations, dreams and hopes that come later...

No flowers from boys...

No sweets from a sweet either.

Just a fun little paper Valentine. 

So here, a little early, is a vintage Valentine from me to you. 

Have fun figuring it out~

Happy early Valentines Day,

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  1. Fortunately I don't have to miss them! I've got 3 little ones in elementary school ~ that keeps us busy with valentine's for 3 nights in a row and all day parties to top it off!

  2. Somewhere tucked away I have a valentine and a little hankerchief from a school party years ago. I hope I can find it to post it one day. I still remember the boy's name that gave it to me and this was about 65 years ago.
    I love the vintage valentine.

  3. I used to love the Valentines parties and exchanges at school..the cards where all so sweet and I remember making very sure to pick the perfect ones out for those special classmates..such innocent times.

  4. My parents always bought me the little box of assorted valentines to share with classmates. I had a crush on a certain boy from 4th to 6th grade; so I always tried to give him the 'best' valentine from my packet. And of course there were the little candies with the messages...you were left wondering if that cute boy really meant to give you one that says 'LUV U'...

  5. Great pics and what a fun post! Happy Valentine's Day:@)

  6. Nice post and photos ! A early Happy Valentines day to you.

  7. Oh I used to love Valentine's Day at school...picking out the perfect one to give to each person on the list. And oh yes, the paper bags and boxes we decorated. Loved that! And love your images. Happy early Valentine's Day to you too!


  8. Valentine at school was always one of my favorite times. We made our cards, no money. The girls would try to see how many got the most from boys.

  9. Valentine's day at school was always so much fun! I would be thrilled when my Mom would take us to the store to select our box of Valentines. I remember making the large heart-shaped envelope out of red craft paper and doilies and excitedly going through it at the end of the day, looking at all the wee cards that were deposited in it! Those were the days! Now I'm going to figure out your Valentine to us!

  10. I have such wonderful memories of those years of choosing the right valentine for the right person, and hoping that the one I got from the boy I liked was a very special one! I remember one year, he actually hung a necklace on my doorknob, knocked on the door and ran away!
    Happy REDnesday!

  11. What a great Valentine!!!
    I miss making the card box, and waiting anxiously to see who I'd get a card from!!! Oh, the memories!!

  12. Happy Valentines Day to you too Sweetie... Your blog is a real Delight!!!
    Blessings and love from our LORD above~~~Hugs Dena

  13. Oh Chris YES--I absolutely loved the Valentine’s Day party. We would make a big heart folder or a tissue box covered in pretty paper and hearts to put them all in. I always thought the classroom looked so pretty in all the red and pink. I loved each card I got--they were so cute and fun. What wonderful memories. Thank you for that today :)
    Hugs, Amy

  14. Oh how beautiful! I am visiting via the Valentine linky.
    I wanted to invite you to the two linky parties I am planning. The first will be on February 23~ High Tea Tablescapes. Details can be found on my Wednesday posts. There will be PRIZES!

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  15. So so cute, love these old Valentines, I have my uncles school cards from about 1920, just adorable. Thanks for linking up to the party and for the sweet post!

  16. You are right! I miss those days and still remember that special feeling of red/pink construction paper; glue/glitter---Your Valentine's heart is lovely!


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