Monday, February 7, 2011

Covering my windows

When we moved here, six years ago, every window was covered in something different.  There were curtain of fabric, match stick blinds, vertical blinds, torn roller shades and perhaps a mini blind or two.  I tore every one of the down within days of moving in.  We actually spent a couple of months with virtually no window coverings at all.  We really aren't the type to close drapes or blinds every night anyways.

living room - January 2005 - bare windows

I decided the living room and dinning room would have the same drapes.  On the same rods.  It took a few months to even find affordable rods that would span our 10 foot windows in the living room and dining room.  I also want simple drapes or curtains that hung from clip rings.  I also really wanted blinds AND drapes but our windows are too shallow in depth to accommodate the big old style blinds that I would have liked.  So drapes alone it was.

Since I'd already decided what color my window trim would be, it was time to find fabric to make my drapes.  Also a difficult challenge since home decorating fabric isn't cheap.  Even at $5.00 a yard for my fabric, it was almost $200 to cover just three windows.  This did include lining.  The drapery rods and clip rings totalled an additional $450!

living room - March 2005

First, I must confess, the drape fabric hung on the windows in the living room for a few years (5 to be exact) before I actually made it into actual drapes.  I also broke every decorating rule by not making the drapes come to the floor.  Since both of the windows in the living room would have furniture in front of them I didn't want drapes scrunched up behind the chair or couch.  As far as the dining room, well we have 2 dogs, big labs, that pretty much have run of the house.  I didn't need them skimming across the drapes every time they took a trip around the table.... either pulling on them or brushing doggy dirt and hair all over them.

dining room - early 2005

I did decide to add a little something at the top of the drapes.  A separate piece of fabric than the actual drape, so if I tire of it I can change it out.  The living room has a fabric that I also made into two throw pillows. 
living room - fall 2010

close up of living room "valance"

The dining room fabric is reminiscent of barkcloth, which I love. I trimmed that separate "valance" out in a coordinating fabric. After two or three years, I still really like this addition. My husband of course prefers them plain.

dining room - fall 2010

close up of dining room "valance"

Enjoying the start to a new week,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

PS, I must admit, in full disclosure... although the living room drapes are complete, the dining room drapes are still just pieces of unfinished fabric... after 6 years.  But it is on my "to do list" for March!

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  1. beautiful! you did a great job! i have left unfinished fabric on my windows for years one ever noticed!



  2. I can do lots of things but curtains are a nightmare for me...and I don't mean making them (that would be impossible)...I talking about just buying them...I just don't like ususally we go without unless we have one window that the afternoon summer sun forces me to...then I usually go with a matchstick blind..I know,,I

  3. Awesome job , looks really nice ! Have a great day !

  4. I like the paint color you chose for the window trim and the drapes are beautiful. Great job!

  5. What beautiful curtains! I need to redo our plastic blinds here in the living room...they are falling apart. Right now, I have a quilt over one window! Isn't it nice to have something fresh?

  6. I love your drapes and that you did your own thing and did not make them come to the floor... I also love that your dogs have the run of the house!... we just found and adopted a stray yesterday, I adore her already and yes, she too shall have full run of the house!... xoxo Julie Marie

  7. They look wonderful! I like the addition of the valance, and such pretty fabric. Great job! I also love your built-in cabinets in your dining room, beautiful!


  8. I've made more drapes than I can even remember - all those years moving with the military. When we moved here we left the windows, except for the bedrooms and baths, bare. Little by little the drapes were put up, and it does make things cosier. I love what you've done with the extra fabric as a valance.

  9. Chris ... these are BEAUTIFUL! I love the fabric you've used and I'm glad you didn't listen to hubby about them being plain! You've dressed them up just right! Dressing windows is such a challenge whether it be the cost of the treatments and/or the style or design. When we moved into our house, the owner before us had all custom made window treatments. Of course, they're gorgeous but totally not my style in both design and fabric choice. Pity and I've now lived with them for 3 years. I LOVE what you've done with your windows!!!

  10. Wow the addition at the top looks great! It totally changes the look. I am OCD about all the windows looking the same from the outside view. And I am also not one to have the blinds closed, I love being able to look outside.

  11. We've lived in 16 different places in our married life. So I've had ALOT of window treatments. I've done elaborate to none and everywhere inbetween. Your choice is really nice (I had a similar style once) and the addition of the floral topper is gives it a warmth.
    I like your living room (and the dog on the sofa) and could see a quiet afternoon curled up reading a good book.
    Glad you shared your is charming.

  12. Your work is beautiful. Even if it's not done yet, it looks terrific. Beautiful fabrics.

  13. I love your wall clock....lovely

  14. What a great idea. Thanks for thinking of it for me! :-)


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