Saturday, February 26, 2011

Niagara Falls, simply unbelievable

Today is my last day in Toronto.  As long as all goes well with flights today, I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight.

I do want to tell you about one of our side trips we took during my ten day jaunt.  This past Sunday we all packed into the car, dog Freyja and all, and headed down to Niagara Falls.  It's only about an hour from where my daughter currently lives in the Toronto area.  It was a sunny but cold day.  The wind was picking up a little.  Driving into Niagara Falls wasn't quite what I expected.... it was a quaint little town full of older homes... then as you get close to the Falls, well it kind of turns into a Vegas atmosphere.  Lots of neon and touristy things to do.  Obviously this place is big entertainment business!

We checked into our hotel and headed right down the hill (and I must say this must be the first hill I've actually experienced in the Toronto area) to the Falls.  Straight ahead were the American Falls... once we got down to the main street, we could see the Canadian Falls, the iconic horseshoe, to our right.  And it goes without saying, the Canadian Falls are WAY more spectacular than the American.  (American Falls are pictured first and the Canadian Falls are second)

As we headed toward the Canadian Falls, the mist coming up started to drench everything in sight.  The amount of mist coming off the falls was crazy.  The pavements were wet (just wet thanks to lots and lots of salt/de-icer), the people were wet... but everything else was covered in thick coats of ice... even after a couple of days of warmer temperatures in the Toronto area... everything was still covered in ice!

You can get right above the Canadian Falls and see them spill over... the roar of water is amazing.  I didn't realize that you could get so close!  Standing against the railing you can actually see the water rushing over the edge.

Next we headed inside the tourist building, just to warm up our freezing hands and faces!  You can only enter the building at the time of year using certain doors, the others are completely snowed and iced over.  Even the door that does open, well the handle is actually iced over! (Yep, I took a picture...).  In this area close to the Canadian Falls the railings, trees, you name it... gets a thick layer of ice on it from the mist in the air and the FREEZING temperatures.  Like I already said, it just keeps building up while it is sooo cold.

After leaving the building we headed along the "boardwalk" towards the American Falls, The Maid of the Mist boat ride (not running at this time of year) and the large ferris wheel.  We did take a spin on the wheel and it made for a phenomenal view just as the day was turning to dusk.

Later, after dark, we headed back down the hill to see the lights on the Falls.  It was freezing so there weren't many people out at night, we of course had changed into down jackets and warm, woolly boots for the trip.  Once again I snapped picture after picture.

It truly was amazing and I'm so happy we were able to make it down to The Falls on my trip out here.

Soon to be back home,


  1. I so want to see Niagra Falls one day...I just finished the book The Day the Falls Stood Still..Andrea suggested it and it was so good...I would be happy to send it to you if you like when you get home...

  2. What a great trip! I’ve never seen the falls and would love to go. I had no idea there was a big ferris wheel--it’s beautiful too. You got great photos and I know it had to be cold with all that ice. Love that they light them up at night--how cool is that!! Safe travels friend--enjoy your own bed tonight :)

  3. Well, you were in my old stomping grounds and experienced Niagara Falls to it's fullest!
    I grew up about 10 minutes from The Falls so spent ALOT of time there and have been back several times since while visitng family. Isn't the water color a weird shade of green? Eerie.
    And the ice covering everything can only be appreciated once you, too, have been covered in it and your eyelashes are frozen!
    SO happy you enjoyed it and I was smiling while looking at the pictures and remembering the times spent there.
    Another book that is good is THE FALLS by Joyce Carol Oates. And THE DAY THE FALLS STOOD STILL is really great (as noted above), too.
    I was also there in the late '60's to see when the Falls was blocked off to check the erosion patterns....that was strange and creepy!
    I'm happy you had a great visit! Welcome home

  4. Your photographs are just spectacular! What a display of nature's power. I never imagined the ice accumulation around the falls like that. Thanks for letting us have a vicarious visit to such an awesome place!

  5. Your photos have really captured the allure of the Falls in the winter! Spectacular photography! I'm thrilled that you LOVED seeing them! Sleep well tonight!

  6. Some day I am going to Niagara Falls!

  7. I love your photos - you have a good eye for detail. I'm glad you had such fun. I hope to get to TO in late March or early April.

  8. I would like to go one day too. I want to hear more about your trip.

    The green colour looks like alien mist...kinda funny...glad you had a great time!

  9. Oh how beautiful! And cold...I'm not sure I could handle all that ice and cold freezing mist but it is breathtaking (pun unintended!) Enjoy your trip home..;j

  10. Yup it all is pretty amazing, glad you enjoyed our Canadian falls ! Next time you come to Canada you should venture out of the big TO as we call it and come visit the smaller country towns in south western ontario if you like country crafts, country boutiqes, tea houses and country resturants you will love the country towns ! Have a safe trip home !

  11. So glad you were able to see the Falls in winter. Truly a different experience than during the summer.

    Sorry we missed each other this time. Dang flu!


  12. That is so beautiful. I would love to go sometime for sure! I have no clue why I would have never thought everything would be covered in ice, I guess I've never seen a winter photo. But so cool.

  13. Hi Chris! You honored me awhile back by linking to my blog on your sidebar! Now I would like to honor you by nominating you for the Stylish Blogger Award!
    Stop by the cozy comfy cottage and see what its about! Welcome home!

  14. Chris...I'm new here, via Verde Farm. We live an hour from the glad you had the opportunity to visit. When I stand next to it, I feel like the power of the water is going to pull me right in. That is some box of goodies you gave away! Love your seed photos and the outstanding job you guys did with the Peach Palace. Nice blog!

  15. I'm new here too, via Verde Farm as well. I was at the falls a long time ago and remember how spectacular they were, but not a thing about the town. I loved the gifts that Amy got from you. Just beautiful. I will be back to see your farm once you get home.--Inger

  16. Hello I found your blog on Verde Farms I am glad I did. Fantastic photos. I live in Ontario Canada and am sad to say I have only seen the falls once. I have spent a lot of time in Toronto as my daughter lives there.It is always nice to leave the farm and do something different. Then it is nice to come back home. B

  17. Ooooo! That was neat - you are right, the canadian falls were the best. I didnt realize you could stand so close - I would be just a little unnerved by that !!

    Those last shots you took were great - I had fun clicking on them to make them bigger - the iced chained one is my fav...

    All this talk about ice makes me want a hot chocolate!


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