Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Bright, Sunshiny Day... or Two

Well the weekend weather turned out pretty nice, kind of cool and breezy but the sun was definitely out.  I wanted to take advantage of the good weather and get out in my gardens.  Plant some hanging baskets, window boxes and planters to keep in the greenhouse for the next 3, 4 or even 5 weeks.  Give them all a bit of a head start in growing, by the time you put them out they are full and lush.  I also wanted to get some compost on the flower beds.  As well as getting the vegetable garden ready for planting... we usually plant it around April 18th since that's when we planted it the first year at Red Gate Farm and it's an easy date to remember.  It's the anniversary of our first date... way back in 1981.

It was a great plan, Saturday started off well.  I've got quite a few things planted up in the greenhouse...

my husband got himself a new to us, but used lawn mower.  It looks like a bit of a behemoth, but will mow the lawn much more quickly...

and then Cady, our yellow lab, got her tail stuck in the back door.  We didn't realize right away, but it actually loped the end of her tail off.  I won't get into details but it looks pretty bad.

Poor girl, she's already a bit high strung and that didn't make for a calm rest of the weekend.  I spent my entire Sunday sitting around with her to try to keep her calm.  We may be taking a trip to the vet tomorrow... right now she's settled down by my feet while I write this.

On a much sunnier note... the nectarine is in bloom...

as well as both of the peaches.

This pretty, pink Ranunculus looks so happy...

one of my peonies is showing growth... and the weeds are too!

The old magnolia is about to burst open.  A few more sunny days should do the trick.

The sun and blue sky was so welcome after so much gray and rain (as well as the snow).

Here's hoping for many more sunshiny days to come....


  1. oh...i love ranuclus {sp?} very beautiful!!!

  2. So sad about Cady, luckily it's not more serious!!!
    Your peonies look wonderful, I can hardly wait for mine to show their shoots. Oh how I wish we could grow Magnolias here in Alaska!! You will have to post more pictures of them for me!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  3. Old sol finally visited, it's about time! I feel so bad for your pup...hope that tail heals up.

  4. oh you are ambitious aren't you!!!!!!!

  5. Oh how pretty! I am so ready for spring. It just won't stop raining here for more than a day or two. At least when it finally stops, everything should be lush and green. So sorry about Cady, ouch!

  6. Poor Cady! I hope it feels better, soon. She's a sweety. 8>)

  7. Poor pup hope she will be ok !
    Your photos and post were wonderful. Have a great day !

  8. So pretty. Sorry for your dog.

  9. Ugh can't believe that snow. My husband would be so jealous of your greenhouse. He wants one so bad. So sad about the doggy, poor baby. And one more thing, that mower is huge. It looks just like the one my husband use to use on the football field!

  10. Wasn't it beautiful??? I got my baskets "purchased" this weekend, does that count??? I buy the hanging baskets at costco and transfer them into my porch pots. Cheap and easy!!! I'm waiting for my lilacs to burst forth!!
    Have a good week!

  11. Poor Cady! As if she doesn't have enough to panic about...

  12. Fun! Don't you love when the fruit trees blossom! Amazing time of year! I have a lab that looks like yours! They are great aren't they?

  13. It looks so beautiful and springy around your farm Chris! I love the flowers that are already out and I am so sorry about Cady, I hope she is feeling much better today!

  14. Chris, I hope Cady is doing all right. Poor thing, accidents happen especially on a farm.

    I can't believe how many beautiful blooms you have out already! Gorgeous!! I'm not feeling so bad for you and all that snow you had now! : )

  15. Poor old Cady...I am sorry you could not spend more time playing in your garden over the weekend.

    Everything is looking lovely...I am so hoping we can get up a greenhouse for this winter so I can have nice early blooming garden and baskets as soon as spring know because here is FL spring comes so late in the yr for us lol.

    Hope all was well at the vet today.

    Blessings Kelsie

  16. Oh I was sooo happy to get sunshine here in the Porltand area today! Finally! Looks like we are going to have a dry and sunny Easter....hope you have a lovely holiday on your farm♥

  17. I am so behind on my blogging so although this is old news to you, it's new to me! I would LOVE to have a greenhouse and be able to start all my boxes and baskets inside the covered protection of the structure. That is a gardeners' sanctuary. All your current blooms are beautiful! Poor Cady but at least now I know she's going to be okay.


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