Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sweet and sour.....

Today was another beautiful Pacific Northwest Day.  The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the hummingbirds are zipping around the feeders.

It was a bright yellow lemon kind of day, a little sweet and a little sour.

I was delighted to receive a beautiful Easter card from one of my favorite bloggers, Lisa of Suburban Retreat.  Lisa is truly one of the sweetest people I have had the pleasure to meet through blogging!

You may have remembered me mentioning Lisa, I met her on my trip to Toronto and I was fortunate enough to have won her beautiful and thoughtful winter/Christmas giveaway.
Lisa also surprised me with a second little pink house BEFORE I won her giveaway, sweet, huh?

And speaking of giveaways, in today's mail I also received this gorgeous burlap table runner from Sharon at Elizabeth & Co.  I won this in her recent giveaway!  I'm feeling pretty lucky!

Her blog is wonderful and has the sweetest stories on how the name, Elizabeth & Co., came to be.
I'm thinking I'll be keeping the runner on my coffee table... it fits perfectly!  You can check out Elizabeth & Co. for the "how to"... isn't that sweet?

And I cannot, not mention another sweet.  Vanessa at This & That.  She lives in Auburn with her husband and little dog, Claire.  She just published a post about being in the most recent Better Homes and Gardens magazine!

Check it out on the last page...
Very sweet!  And I love her blog.  She is one of the first blogs I followed, I found her when I was researching butcher block counters... they have installed them not once, but twice!

And finally, the sour.  Our yellow lab, Cady, got her tail in the door on Saturday.  We went to the vet yesterday and today they had to remove the end of her tail.  She lost part of the end bone in the door and then had an exposed wound that would not have been able to heal so the vet removed that part of the tail at the next "space".  Dog tails are made up of many bones, kind of like our fingers.

She's now at home resting comfortably and I'm sure she'll be back to her usual sweet and sour self soon!


  1. Poor Cady! That sounds really painful!

  2. You are very 'sweet' to remember and list the ones that have remembered you.

    It is always so hard when one of our furry children get hurt, so glad that your Cady is now on the mend.

  3. What neat gifts and giveaways! Good for you!

    Sorry about your dog's tail. Hope it heals quickly.

    Have a great rest of your week.

  4. You lucky girl...a lot of wonderful giveaways!!!
    Very sweet things!
    Take care!
    Chris :o)

  5. Hope your doggie feels better soon.. poor thing!!

  6. I LOVE your pictures, they are so pretty! That little pink house is so precious! I love the pacific northwest, I used to go whale watching in the san juans every year. It's one of my favorite places on earth. Your blog is great, I am excited to follow!!

  7. Oh ... poor Cady! Not a nice thing to happen at all! I absolutely LOVE your burlap table runner and have wanted to make one for some time now. Maybe with the extra time off this upcoming Easter weekend! Glad you received your card, in time. Sometimes the shipping time between Canada and the US moves very slowly.

  8. Wow you have been lucky with the winnings! You need to get a lottery ticket. Poor pup, I had no idea that dogs has bones in their tails.
    Thanks for the shout out, you are too sweet!

  9. I'm really glad to hear that Cady is doing well :)

    Also, we should try to skype tomorrow so you can watch Freyja open her presents :)

  10. Oh poor Cody! We had a similar incident with one of our cats. He kept licking it though and more had to be amputated. Our poor Loki. Keep your eye on that sweet dog - don't let him lick it. (Of course, you might already be completely aware of this, but just in case.....)

    Great wins too! Love that runner. Love the sweet little pink cottage too.

  11. What a lovely post! You sure have been lucky :)
    I am going to check out all the blogger links. I love to meet new bloggers through a bloggy friend! Thanks!
    Oh, my...you poor pup! At least it was not a paw :( I am sure Cody is getting lots of extra hugs and treats. Please give Cody a big smooch from me!
    xo, misha

  12. Oh I'm so glad you like your runner. And it looks perfect on your coffee table! I have a green one on my dining room table. And they iron nicely too if you want to get the wrinkes out. Thank you for your sweet comments! Hope Cady is feeling better. Definitely sounds like a bright yellow lemon kind of day - I'll have to remember that!

  13. What a small world in Blogland that little PINK house from Lisa is one I made for her giveaway... Tonight since I had more time I thought I would read through your past posts, such a kindred spirt. Hugs, Diane


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