Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Porch dreams

I've been thinking of redoing my front porch.  Tonight, Maura over at Lilac Lane Cottage, really inspired me with many, many pictures of gorgeous porches.  Some like mine, are enclosed, some are true porches open to the weather.  This photo has the feeling that I'm looking for... at least the colors... with a little bit of vintage, shabby, salvaged feel.
source unknown

Our porch here at Red Gate Farm started out as an open porch.  Sometime over the years it was enclosed.  Here in Washington, that makes for a more practical space.  When we moved in it looked like this...

Please notice the salvaged screen door we installed, on the inside, not the outside.  It opens IN and the front door actually opens OUT.  Since this was an outside porch, the floor was built with a slant for water run off...of course, now a door cannot open IN.  Kind of strange and the front door does need to be replaced but will need to be a custom build because of the odd size.

After a few months of living here, I scrubbed, sanded, primed and painted...

but kept the colors pretty much the same.  I do love this jadeite green color...

but I'm thinking it's time for a change.  I'm thinking of keeping the floors the same color, painting the "walls" white and the original beaded board ceiling the same aquaish color I used over at the Peach Palace.  It's a pale aqua that seems to have a lot of grey in it, so it's a very soft color.  I've heard that ceilings in porches were traditionally painted a soft blue.  It would be calm and relaxing.

I've collected some vintage pottery... some Bauer, some McCoy.  In pretty shades of green, aqua, pink and white.  Those colors are what has inspired my plans for the porch.  I'll be hunting for a vintage or salvaged cabinet piece to hold my bits and pieces.

I'm also thinking of doing something different than the wicker chairs from Pier One.  They are not very comfortable, the cushions are kind of hard.  I always pictured this sunny, south facing space as a wonderful reading area since we don't have a den or family room.  With those hard chairs, it hasn't been used much except by the dogs!

So.... I've been thinking about one of these...

doesn't this just make you want to snuggle up and read a book?  However, since my dogs love the porch too...
perhaps the chaise will require a little custom cushion cover for the doggie dirt! 

Here's to looking forward to warm, breezy days on the porch,


  1. I love your ideas Chris, it's going to look lovely when you're done. That aqua color is so pretty and I'm smitten with that chaise too. My favorite things in your porch right now are your doggies! They are so cute! Looking forward to seeing what you do in there.

  2. Love the colors now and your possible new ones. I have similar chairs and I had custom seat cushions made. 4" foam wrapped in batting and matelasse slipcovers. Makes them a lot more comfy! I have a nice down pillow on the backs. I am looking forward to seeing what you do.

  3. Oh those dogs are just too much, they make my heart sing! love the colors you have out there, they look very relaxing...a closed in porch is a wonderful thing to have here isn't it? take care..;j

  4. I to love the color, love the pups. I would love to have a closed in porch ours is open but I think if I bug Papa enough he will build it for me ! It's great to have a all can do handyman around !
    Have a great day !

  5. What a dream to have a porch like that! I don't think I would leave it and it would definately be my favorite place to decorate!
    I love the green color but I would also end up painting it white with an soft blue ceiling. I've heard that too about the blue...wonder why that was? Do the chair change so you can actually live more out there...you definately need comfy chairs. :)
    Red Gate Farm always looks so inviting ~

  6. Your porch is beautiful Chris. I love the floors and the colors that you have. I think that white and pale aqua will be beautiful as well and oh yes, the chaise for sure!! What a prefect spot to sit and relax. :) I wish we had a porch, maybe one day it will happen. :)

  7. The aqua color is so refreshing, your porch is lovely.. I had to laugh at your dogs, ours do the same thing and I'm sure 'the dogs' will love the chaise as they can both be up at the same time.

  8. What a gem. You'll have such fun doing up your cozy porch, can't wait to see the results. Love the colour scheme idea.

  9. Oooo...love that porch, Chris! It's loaded with charm. I like the jadeite green but I think the colors you are planning sound perfect. The beadboard ceiling is right up my alley, too. Can't get enough beadboard in my opinion :) Your dogs have the best spot in the house. Hopefully, you'll be able to join them soon. We had a chocolate and a yellow lab. They are great dogs!
    Can't wait to see the makeover!

  10. You are lucky to have such a great space. I love the green color it is now but soft blue is so pretty too. I could so take a nap right now in that chaise!

  11. I wish we had a porch here. I love yours and your ideas sound wonderful! I love the idea of white with the colors as accents. I've been turning everything off white over here. Wish I could just make up my mind and stick with it!!

  12. I LOVE your porch! And I say a big fat YES to the chaise! Maybe a vintage chenille bedspread would help keep it clean.
    I think the green is so pretty, but white walls with the aqua ceiling will be equally pretty. It really is a great porch.


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