Friday, April 15, 2011

What? April snow!!

Here I thought it was April.  Mother Nature has decided it's perhaps... February?  On my way to work yesterday, this is what it looked like.  At Starbucks...
and at work.

I mean come on, really?  Just last weekend I was at a local nursery...

picking up some basket, window box type plants.  The ones that I don't start from seed like million bells or by it's "real" name calibrachoa, bacopa and sweet potato vine... although I'm never successful with the sweet potato vine, I keep trying.  Other people have it cascading out of their baskets, not me.  Mine typically looks the same from the day I plant it until the first frost... doesn't die but it doesn't grow either.  I've tried every location and exposure... but I do keep trying.

But I digress from my fickle weather story... hopefully the weather here will finally start to warm up to normal spring like temps.  Some days we haven't even hit 50 degrees! And for the snow day, I must admit, the snow only came down long enough to turn everything white and melted pretty quickly.

But I needed to remind myself that it IS spring.  So today, my first Friday off I made a trip to my, hands down, favorite nursery of all time.  It's just outside of the little local town of Lynden.  It's called the Hi Hoe Nursery...

the folks there are fabulous, friendly and knowledgeable.

They don't do a lot of annuals, more perennials, trees and bushes.  Their camellias were in full bloom..

I really would like a camellia.  They are evergreen and many varieties bloom about now.  This white with pink stripe one was one of my favorites... besides the plain pale pink.  Hi Hoe also has a lot of rustic, chippy wooden and metal objects for your garden.  It's where I got this little gem of a garden chair a couple of summers ago...

They also take old wooden pop crates and use them for small plants.  Very cute.  I did pick up a new Limelight Hydrangea, if you couldn't tell by the name, the flowers are a fabulous lime green color.   I have one that is 3 or 4 years old and it's one of the hydrangea varieties that will take more sun. 
photo courtesy of blue river nursery

Hopefully the weather will be decent to get out tomorrow and start planting the vegetable garden.  I am so ready for spring and maybe some warmer weather perhaps?  A little less rain and definitely, no more snow!

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  1. What a cute blog! I was just posting over at Sweet Bee Cottage and saw your name. Had to come visit to see what Red Gate Farm was all about. I'm glad I did!! Following you now!

  2. Please don't send any of that "weather" to Arizona...we have a naked trailer sitting

  3. I feel your pain! We have had some nice early spring weather, a few very warm days, and now it is cold, windy and we are expecting snow on Sunday. Yuck.

  4. Hi Chris!

    Hey, we are sharing weather. It was beautiful, last weekend, and yesterday morning it snowed. Today the sun came out but crazy windy. No chance of painting the cabinets in the garage today. I love antique, chippy old chairs used as flower stands. The Limelight hydrangeas are gorgeous! I hope you get some nicer weather so you can go play in the dirt :)
    Take care,

  5. Oh man, I was just kidding over at my place about the bad weather. Glad it melted it fast! So nice to see all the lovelies you picked up. I am a hydrangea addict. I haven't seen the limelight around here locally, but I've seen it in magazines. I always enjoy my visits here with you. :)

  6. I was afraid that it was going to snow here in Anacortes too, it was very chilly...just looking at your first photo was very sad, will we ever have spring? Please tell me yes...see how desperate I'm getting...Anyway, the rest of your photos are very nice and I hope you have a nice 3 day weekend.

  7. No way!!! We had 50 degrees up here today!!! Heat wave and no snow!!!
    I would love to grow Hydrangea's and Camillia's, but it's just too cold up here for them. Maybe someday I will have to move to warmer pastures where it snows in April and reminds me of Alaska!
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend with no more freak snow attacks!!
    I'm still waiting to see my first flower...usually a dandelion LOL!!
    Chris :o)

  8. Ya just never know what mother nater will throw at ya. Love your photos. Have a good day.

  9. We are experiencing the same weather issues. No two days are the same. One day it feels like spring or even summer, the next day it's back to winter. It just reminds us that mother nature is all powerful! I can't wait to get out and work in the gardens. And I'm looking forward to watching spring unfold at Red Gate Farm.

  10. BIG GROAN ... looking at your first couple of photos! After our long, cold and snowy winter we are now experiencing a long, cold and snowy spring! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT! The weather is awful and I still have not spent any time outdoors, in the garden. The weather has not been co-operating. I hope things improve soon! I use sweet potatoe vine in most of my baskets and have NEVER experienced any problems with them. They actually grow like weeds and once they take, weekly I have to cut them back to control their growth. It's interesting that you struggle with them but good for you to keep on trying! They really are worth it. Hope you see some signs of Spring soon! xox

  11. Wow, I can't believe you had snow. Hopefully it won't come back anytime soon, and you can start your spring gardening!

  12. So great to see you link up this week to Cottage Flora Thursday's....this is the largest party we've had so far!!! Hope to see you again next week (w/no snow)? xoxo, tracie

  13. Oh dear! I'm glad it didn't stick around. Things have been a little up and down here too. Lots of rain today and possibly snow tomorrow. If it's still like this in May, then I may start to worry!

    I love limelight hydrangea. : )

    And it's cool to see the other Lynden!


  14. I too am ready for spring to really make a lasting appearance. Your pictures are beautiful.

  15. Hi Chris,
    I heard on the news you had snow up your way, but wow it really did make a good show! It is a crazy year!!
    This was the weekend I planned to go to Skagit, but I didn't think it was gonna be worth the long drive yet... soon I hope!!
    Boy do we need sun!!
    Thanks for stopping by, good luck on the veggies, I need to start too:-)

  16. We're experiencing something similar... Seriously, snow in April??

    I'm not sure when it's really going to be spring, but I'm looking forward to it.

  17. I can't believe you had snow! We had some flurries yesterday, but nothing that stuck! Whew! It was depressing anyway. I really like the pic of the large container of petunias and a small container in a chair. I've done that. What a great idea. I like your chair better!

  18. We got some snow last week. It was disappointing.
    The nursery looks great! I love that they use vintage items. That chair is just too cute.

  19. We've had drizzly weather all week here in the northeast! had the yard raked, and looking great now its' covered in dead leaves AGAIN! It looks more like fall than spring, except for the bright green shoots coming up in the garden everywhere... Love your chair planter! Thanks for linking up to FGFriday!


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