Sunday, April 3, 2011

Burlap, linen and...... Niagara Falls??

So, I've been planning a little art project with some of my photos from my trip to Niagara Falls.  I had some of my favorite photos developed and much to my surprise, they look like black and white photos except for the green, aqua hue of the water.  No touch ups, this is the way it actually looked.  I backed each photo with scrapbook paper.

I had some linen and a vintage hanger  I wanted to use... then I came across a .90 cent remnant of burlap at the fabric store.  I'd seen pictures hung with vintage hangers before but usually with paper, wood or cardboard.  I thought the linen and burlap would be a nice mix.  After reading about how to cut burlap straight at Elizabeth & co., I got to work.

With some vintage buttons...

I planned my photo placement...

Marked it with safety pins...

And stitched on each button to hold the photos in place.
I'm happy with the way it turned out.  I hung it next to my vintage Niagara Falls plate I picked up at the thrift store recently for $3.99.  I'm still looking for another vintage Niagara Falls piece to hang to the left... perhaps the vintage booklet I found on Etsy... hmmm.

Enjoying a quiet Sunday,

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  1. Very cute....simple and sweet.


  2. What a fun way to hang vacation photos! I love all the textures and especially love vintage buttons.

  3. Hi there! Beautiful way to display those vacation photos! Thanks for popping over to say hello.....& when you make it up this way, please let me know - i can meet for coffee? xoxo, Tracie

  4. Looks awesome great idea. I used a scrap book for my portfolio and used different colored paper and coner holders for each shot it worked out well, I though I would use it instead of a photo album. Have a great day !

  5. Amazing what you can make with a little material and a lot of imagination! Love it...

  6. This turned out great Chris! Very creative and I love that it is personal and meaningful too. And you love I love burlap. And vintage buttons too. Glad the little burlap cutting technique worked for you. I was so excited to share it!

  7. Wow, you are so creative! I love the look. I never thought about using buttons to hold photo's. Isn't Etsy awesome? I sell homemand bird toys on there. The artists on that sight are very gifted at their craft.

  8. Wow Niagra Falls sure left an impression on you!

    Very creative indeed...and it is a cute project to add to your Niagra Falls Wall. LOL

  9. Such a creative way to display your photos and keep your memories alive! I love the soon to be finished vignette! The photos are outstanding, considering they haven't been 'touched up'.

  10. I love how this turned out. I've been collecting vintage pant hangers for a similar purpose; hanging vintage photos and prints. I think they make the coolest display hangers.
    ~ Julie


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