Monday, July 11, 2011

And not to be forgotten....

Besides my fabulous score of a vintage Pepsi crate (read about it here)...

I also came home from my thrift store visit last Friday with a couple of other great finds.  This tablecloth is in pristine condition... still has the tag (Wilendur) and is a large 72 by 50.  I'm not usually a red person but this would be fun for Valentine's Day or a party... maybe even Christmas or an anniversary!  And the price?  Another $3.99 price tag that day.

I really liked this medium sized oval platter.  Anything with green on it!  And for just $1.99, who could resist.  The maker is Myott... anyone know the pattern name?

And of course, a couple of milk glass vases.  The larger sized ones.  I paid $.49 for the one in front and $.29 for the one in back... can never have too much milk glass

Counting down the days.... to a week off from work... but not from Red Gate Farm!

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  1. Isn't it great how the colors on your tablecloth are so vivid? I agree it would fit in nicely on the Valentines Day table...I looked up Myott at but didn't get far without any more markings. It is a nice platter with pretty colors...I like the interesting patterns and shapes of the milk glass vases that you picked up for next to NOTHING! Love it!

  2. I am addicted to china! Here is a link you might find helpful!

    You love to thrift as much as I do :)
    Have a wonderful Tuesday!
    xo, misha

  3. I am such a fan of Wilendur tablecloths. I recently found one for next to nothing at a thrift shop and sold it in my etsy shop for about 5 times what I paid for it!

  4. Funny that the Red Gate Farm girl isn't into
    Love your tablecloth. And so big!!! Great find!!

  5. My mother collected milk glass when I was a kid and had it decorating the living room. Your picture brought back lots of memories.

  6. You sure did score, I always love finding Vintage Linens. Happy Summer!

  7. I love those crates too..and I have the very same table cloth, it's big and had never been used, still in the package and it was $ it! ;D

  8. Love the tablecloth and the crates. The prices are so cheap! Great buys. First time here and just loved your blog!!

  9. I love vintage tablecloths, too - and red... well, I love it! I went thrift storing yesterday and couldn't believe how expensive everything was - it must be the area I live in. I would love to pay .29 cents! I bet that vase would be $2.99 here! Crazy!

  10. Great finds. I finally got a bargain at my local consignment shop. I will be doing a post on it in a couple of days. I always want to find these amazing thing but perhaps I need a shopper to help me.LOL I go in and am totally overwhelmed with the amount of merchandise to look at. I walk around in circles looking for something to jump out at me.

  11. Oh, I have tablecloth envy! A pristine Wilendur in that size is so hard to come by! Good score!


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