Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday's Sugar & Sweets #3

It's one of my favorite times of the year.  A little late due to our cooler spring weather

Yep, it's strawberry season!  I LOVE fresh strawberries... probably one of my favorite foods and definitely my favorite fruit.  When we moved to Red Gate Farm  6 plus years ago, we planted strawberries in our vegetable garden... it quickly became apparent that this wasn't a good placement... plus my husband bought them when we got our fruit trees and he purchased an everbearing variety.  This means little bowls all the time, but not enough for jam making or freezing.  So finally, out they came!  We do intend to plant one of the local varieties, such as Shuksan, in a new spot next year.  Although we pulled out that mess of strawberries from our garden this year, we were able to pick fresh strawberries at a friend's home.  We picked a ton in a very short amount of time.

A ton of strawberries?  Of course this means... strawberry jam!  I make both freezer jam and "regular" canned jam.  I like the freezer kind of strawberry jam.... to me it has more of a fresh strawberry taste than canned jam.  However, I still can some for holiday gift giving.

I like to use my immersion blender to prepare the fruit.

I like my jam without a lot of chunks... so I puree it fairly smooth.

My favorite container for freezer jam is this french style drinking glasses that you can purchase at many stores.  The plastic lids are usually sold separately but they are fabulous for keeping the jam... very heavy, thick glass... and they're pretty too!

Our strawberry picking yielded 2 batches of canned jam and 5 batches of freezer jam!  Lots to enjoy over the winter.

Hope everyone has or will enjoy fresh strawberries this year... perhaps for the 4th of July.


  1. Ooooh, I bet this tastes heavenly!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. That is a TON of strawberries!
    (love that adjective)

    Great pictures, also.

  3. That looks wonderful! I make jam, but I have never made strawberry jam. I will have to do it next year!!!

  4. Looks wonderful ! I made last year strawberry/ rubarb jam mmm it was good ! I dont make jam all the time but do like ti as a treat every now and then ! Have a wonderful July 4th .

  5. Looks wonderful! I love the glass jars, so different from the ones I have. I love freezer jam too. So far I have made 30 1-cup jars of freezer jam. It is for us and my sister's family (we eat a lot of jam) so I still need to make more this week.

  6. We're only now starting to see local strawberries up here. I'd love to have my kitchen smelling of strawberry jam!

  7. Yum yum. I also put alot of jam away. I do freezer jam for strawberries, and also slice strawberries and put them in a special juice and freeze them. YUM-O. Glad to see you're enjoying yours. Applesauce makin' is next for me!

  8. My favorite strawberry guilty pleasure is a strawberry margarita on the rocks. Not always easy to get at a bar because many use frozen mixes. But when I can get them, it's pure bliss.

  9. Your jam looks great! I bought several gallon from a local farmer and made about 12 jars. I love stocking our shelves with homemade jellies and apple and peach butters.

  10. That's a lot of jam! I love strawberries, too. Dipped in chocolate!
    Those jars are really cute~I'll have to see if I can find some.


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