Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer garden, country style.....

Summer seems to have finally hit it's stride here in my corner of Washington.  We've had a number of down right hot days... in a row even.  Of course, this has meant watering every night.... and out here in my country gardens that takes about 45 minutes.... including the veggie garden.  But that's ok, sunshine, warmth and water are what all my plants need to thrive!

The Bonica shrub rose continues to be a beauty, but one that takes very little maintenance.

I thought the clematis flowers look pretty cool as they go to... seed?  I love the texture of the swirls

Country-esque flower baskets hang by the garage.  You may have noticed before... but I love calibrochia or "million bells".  And you can never go wrong with bacopa (or bicopa).

My sunflowers planted from seed have grown literally a foot in the last few days.  I can't wait to see their sunny faces in front of the pumphouse.

These beauties... impatiens I started this winter from seed.  I have one small flower bed that I like to put in pink impatiens.... my other hundreds I started are all white.  These I couldn't resist, I've never seen any quite like this variety.

And Wave petunias on the front porch pillars... in shades of purple.  The sun looks especially pretty as it glows through the petals.

And well, the other pillar?  Well you can see I live in the country.  That yellow "wheel" in the distance.  It's reeling in a hose... a very large hose to water the potatoes planted on our acreage.  It's been running for 38 hours now.

Yeah, if you do the math... that means that it ran all night last night... it kind of looked pretty at sunrise this morning at about 5:15 am.  But a tractor runs this baby... after 4 straight nights of fireworks in the "neighborhood"  to celebrate the 4th, well last night we got to listen to a diesel tractor run ALL. NIGHT. LONG!  Right beside the house!

But I shouldn't complain since that's what country living brings.  It also means that this little picture taken of a dirt field on June 4th....

Looks like this on July 6th.  I believe those spuds were knee high by the 4th of July... just like the corn.

Looking forward to a quieter night... I hope!

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  1. Your Clematis would have been a great fireworks photo.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, colors, planting. The care you bring to Red Gate Farm is bloomfully evident!

  3. oh, so sweet are those swirly seeds from the clamitis (great picture too by the way) Thanks so much for sharing over here at Cottage Flora Thursday’s! always love coming by your place to see what is blooming! xoxo, tracie

  4. A little piece of heaven for sure. Love all the pretty flowers and groomed yard, beautiful. :D

  5. What a Country dream! Isn't it amazing how quickly things grow? One of God's greatest gifts. I love the picture of the sprinkler. Wouldn't it be fun to run through? As kids, we use to love to go run through the big sprinklers at the nearby cemetery. Enjoy that beautiful acreage.

  6. Your flowers are stunning! Sorry about the sleepless nights, but it's wonderful to live where food is still being produced for our country. I'm with Jann, you and hubby should run through the sprinklers by the light of the moon!

  7. Seed heads can be just as interesting, if not more, than the actual blooms. Love the long shot of the field.

  8. Everything looks just lovely Chris! I love the last shot of the fields...beautiful. Also love those varigated impatiens--from seed to boot--good job!

  9. Oh ya... I'm digging the swirls! Very nice shot of them.


  10. We also live in farm country and love it... the only negatives I've ever experienced are escaped cows, raccoon and skunk damage in the gardens, and aerial spraying of crops that floats over my gardens. Enjoyed your post today! Larry

  11. Love the pics of course. I WANT to see pics of your veggie garden. I'm sure there is much to drool about! Show 'em girl!

  12. Love the two shots of the potato field, we drive by fields near our home and I swear you can stop and watch the crops grow, very cool... Happy Harvest to you! ~ Jacque

  13. That is one of the downsides of living in the country. My personal favorite~hay baling. All night long, with intermittent bright lights shining through our bedroom window!

    You've got some really beautiful flowers, Chris. I've never seen a clematis gone to seed before. Funky and fun!

  14. So beautiful. I love impatiens. Any color. I also used to grow New Guinea Impatiens when I lived in CT. They were heartier it seemed. I have no flowers now and can't garden so I am loving your pictures. Keep them coming.

  15. ahhh. all so pretty...i have those same impatiens in my kitchen window box....i LOVE them.....

    loved seeing all of it
    and am happy to follow

    kary and teddy

  16. Its so funny how I live across the country from you and your photos look like my neighborhood!
    Loved the photo of the Clematis seed heads, they look like pinwheels!


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