Sunday, November 13, 2011

On becoming a paper Queen, holiday project #2

I spent yesterday driving south to Seattle.  It was a day planned to do a bit of shopping with my daughter.  We had a great day of shopping, walking, coffee and dinner.  University Village was at the top of the list for shopping spots.  While there we stopped in one of my favorite stores... Anthropologie.  They have such an interesting mix of items.  A couple of holiday items caught my eye.

First up was this tree.  Made of paper, sheet music actually, with bits of foam core layered between each sheet.  A little bauble on top... all for $48.00, yep, that's right.  I thought, hmmmm, perhaps that Readers Digest could become something new...
via Anthroplogie

So today between waiting for coats of paint to dry, out came my supplies... more pages were cut, a bit of cardboard salvaged from the recycling bin... and I had lots of little baubles.  I also used a plain old bamboo skewer for the "post".   You know the ones you use for kabobs... I didn't take a picture of that...

I cut the squares of paper, not trying to be perfect, graduating the sizes down to about the size of a dime... well a dime if it was square that is.  The paper squares were just popped right on the pointy end of the skewer... but I did poke a hole in each piece of cardboard since it was a bit stiff to try to poke directly onto the skewer (yeah, I broke one trying this method!).  Fortunately my handy little Martha Stewart tool (above) from Micheaels is a blade cutter, bone folder, tweezers, and punch all in one!   The cardboard was cut in small squares although I did use one large piece as the base.

The little bauble is a tiny little Christmas ball that has lost it's loop for hanging... and has just the right vintage patina.

Since I hadn't thought of a base... I just placed it in a vintage pottery pot for now.  The tree came out to be about 3 to 4 inches shy of the length  of the skewer so the bottom of the skewer can hang down into the vase.

From this side angle you can see the layers of cardboard between each piece of paper.

I'm really liking how this vintage paper look is coming together for the holidays.... plus my version of this tree was basically free!

Tomorrow is another day off for me.  A shopping adventure with my Mom.  A Christmas sale at a local thrift store that is held once a year in mid-November.... hopefully I'll be coming home with some fun vintage Christmas treasures...

Or perhaps some additional vintage Readers Digests for the newly crowned paper Queen,


  1. This is gorgeous! I like yours better!

  2. Amazing. Nothing more to say! Great idea.

  3. Yours turned out beautiful, I am loving those trees. :)
    Have fun shopping!!

  4. I really love the look of your paper tree, and the fact that it cost you nothing to make! I hope you have great luck at the Christmas sale!

  5. Very fun.........can you believe somebody would actually pay the $48 for the one in the store?
    Thanks (as always) for sharing your ideas and your blog. Lovely!

  6. I LOVE Anthro and I LOVE your tree. I must copy that. I have paper crafts on the mind too!

  7. No doubt you'll find ALWAYS find treasures! Can't wait to see what you bring home!

  8. That's a fantastic knockoff! $48 indeed! Yours was free and prettier, too!

  9. Oh I love this! Now I know what I will be crafting this weekend.

  10. I love it! Great job - I love Anthropologie ~ mostly for inspiration since things are usually out of my budget. Your tree is beautiful!

  11. Hi, found you through Lemon Lane Cottage. Having a nice visit through your blog with a cup of coffee. Your tree turned out super, can't wait to try this!!!

  12. You did a great job on the paper tree and at a great price! Doesn't it make you feel so crafty when something can be duplicated this easily for almost no cost? I love doing that.----------- Shannon

  13. Wow, what a fantastic paper tree! I've never thought to make one, but I just might this year - thank you for sharing! :) Thank you also for your kind comment on my post, I really appreciate it. Take care and have a wonderful night.


  14. Just adorable!! Look at you go.. all crafty and everything ;) My inner crafter is screaming lately, to start some projects! You rock! -Tammy


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