Sunday, November 4, 2012

An extra long day...

I spent this weekend packing up Halloween and making room for November... and a bit of Thanksgiving here around Red Gate Farm.   And after my last post on Christmas, I didn't want you all to think that we go directly from Halloween to Christmas around these parts... It's a good thing I had that extra hour this weekend because I seemed to have   somehow increased my quota of Halloween this year!

So onto the upcoming month of November and count them... not just one but three holidays!  Well at least for me, school kids, state workers and federal workers at least... since we get Veteran's Day on top of Thanksgiving... making it one of my all time favorite months!

But really I digress, since I was here to talk about November and Thanksgiving in decorating terms... not my love of days off of work.... so....

For November, of course I have some of my vintage Gurley candles... like this Mr & Mrs Pilgrim.

In fact there's a whole crew of them...

This year I came across this one at my thrift store... she's much larger than the pilgrims.  Now I just need to find a gentleman to match.

And we can't forget about the Gurley turkeys... I have a couple that are all orange and look right at home with my jadeite.

Speaking of turkeys... I found this fabulous turkey plate this year for just .99 at my thrift store... probably due to that little chip in the upper left corner.  It's a Johnson Brothers pattern.  I love that it has a bit of pink and jadeite green in with all that brown!

This all white turkey is a pottery piece made to look like vintage pottery.  It looks great with all of my milk glass.

And this little paper turkey actually is meant to have it's paper "honeycomb" tissue tail all fanned out but this year I used a place card holder to hold it up without it's tail unfurled... among my vintage orange pottery I keep on top of the refrigerator all fall long.

A cute little amber depression glass turkey in front of one of my favorite little views of fall.

Another pottery turkey sits on the vignette on my dining room table... with some more vintage brown Johnson Brothers china pieces.

But the real sight of fall, November and Thanksgiving at Red Gate Farm?

Well of course, it's my cozy little house... surrounded by fallen leaves.

Happy November all,


  1. No matter the holiday, you have the best vintage collections! Happy November Chris!

  2. all those darling candles...all of your fall décor is perfect! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful time of year. Xoxo, tracie

  3. I really like all of your Thanksgiving candles and glass. You mentioned Gurley? Is that the candle collectible name? Very nice pieces Chis.

  4. Such adorable candles and a beautiful amber depression glass turkey!! So pretty! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  5. I really enjoyed seeing all your Thanksgiving collectibles.. I have a few fun turkeys here too, I need to set up a tableaux and photograph them. Of course I am totally jealous of the turkey plate and have looked at some on eBay.. I have a feeling hubby would smother me with a pillow if I told him I want to buy one.. after my recent Jadeite buying frenzy. LOL!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I like that white turkey! All your vintage glass is gorgeous, and those candles are so cute. Did they make christmas ones, too? Because I have a snowman and a santa that remind me of your pilgrims.

  7. Johnson Brothers....wonderful! Love that turkey plate.

  8. Love the darling candles, didn't know they were called Gurley. I remember my aunts having them years ago and loving them. Your November touches are so pretty.

  9. How lovely! This time of year is wonderful! Thanks for sharing your collection. The amber glass turkey is perfect!


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