Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa's in the house...

It seems that some of my holiday collections have, well, exploded this year... in a good way you might say... My collection of vintage Santa mugs grew by 3 or 4 this year.  I have "minis" and "regulars".

The front porch decorating is still not finished... nor the tree... I guess this qualifies as a bit of an explosion too.

But back to those Santa mugs... some cute wink-y ones with a pitcher I picked up last year... perhaps it is time to remove that string from the handle, hmmm?

This Santa makes me think of the sixties... or fifties.  I picked up two red and a green plastic frames at a trip to Ikea.  Cheap plastic but they sure look festive with a vintage Santa card... AND they're actually double sided so you could put TWO cards in a frame if need be.

 This Santa is a bit of a cheat... since it's a candy cane toboggan filled with a choir boy, two angels and a dark haired Santa.  It's one of my favorite vintage items... the original box is pretty fabulous too.

The top of my fridge is brimming with Santas... my $3.00 Pepsi crate is on it's side and is just right to fill up with these jolly ole elves.

I removed a couple of pages from a vintage Little Golden Book to cover an existing picture... and this Santa mug face is one I really love... with some of his paint rubbed away.

Here's a shot of the whole shebang... this cabinet is above my kitchen cabinets.  Originally there were doors but we removed them so I can have a place to put all my crap display all my fabulous stuff year round!  The Santa pitcher below was a find this year for just $2.99... it is also missing a bit of paint but that's part of the charm.  It's a Howard Holt pitcher.

Another upper cabinet... The Santa tree topper is still in it's original plastic.  A Martha Stewart one back when she and Kmart were still friends.  The came in green and red... I should have gotten one of both... oh Martha how I miss you.

 Another upper cupboard... with vintage Lifesaver book.  This one is pretty old based on the look of this Santa... We always got one of these for Christmas when I was young.... of course mine wasn't as old as this!

A sweet little Santa face to sit by the stove...

And even chippy, cement Santa is in the house this year... The wet weather takes a toll on him on the West facing porch.

Just three more bins to unpack and one more tree to decorate...

So are you still decorating?   Or have you finished?


  1. Just started.. did you read my latest blog post.. I have you in it..

  2. Your house looks good. Love the porch.

  3. Your Santa collection is so sweet, and I love those long ornaments in the milk glass vases!! So pretty! xo Heather

  4. How many bins to go? I should have started this weekend, but Thanksgiving is till up at our house. I love the tree toppers in the milk glass vases! Too cute! It's all too cute!

  5. Hi Chris: You have a great collection of Santa mugs, and I really like all the cubbys that you have to display all your pretty things..Looks a lot like Christmas!..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  6. Just getting started here but you give me inspiration. I like the journey instead of the hurry . . .

  7. PS . . . . I love your Santa winks, smiles and frosty cheeks . . .

  8. Oh my Santa has come to your house . Looks lovely . Have a good day !

  9. Love those Santa mugs and all your vintage goodies! I just started yesterday and it's a total mess at the moment, but it will be worth it in a week or so!

  10. And to think I was in your presence as you added to your collection!! I have to say my favorite is the old lifesaver book! What a find! Such a fun tradition!
    My decor is almost complete. Still need to do the garland on the stairs...I hate that job! My flocked tree (that I got at the H.S. sale) is probably my favorite, and it's in my bedroom. I also painted and lit a big hutch and am loving that. Blog issues...picasa says I'm out of space...seems to be happening to a lot of bloggers.

  11. your santas are sooo cheery! love it - the colors really brighten up the grey pnw weather!!

  12. How very vintage and cute! I wish I had upper cabinets to display my crap! :-) Merry Christmas!


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