Friday, November 16, 2012

made in japan

I'm excited for the day after Thanksgiving.  Nope, not for the typical Black Friday kind of reason.  I'm counting down the days to breaking out the Christmas boxes and getting this decorating party started!  Fortunately for me (and everyone around me) Thanksgiving is the earliest date it can be this year and that means I can get started soon... I'm planning to spend this weekend cleaning the place from top to bottom so that come Friday... well it can all be about the decorating.

Now you may be wondering why this post is titled made in japan?  I'm honoring these beauties today.  Growing up a family friend had a set of putz style houses... complete with snow, lights, a lake and skaters.  Every year she set up her little village in her dining room.  Oh how I loved that little village.  Fast forward to the 90's and when ceramic villages hit the stores I started my own village... only it wasn't quite as small and not really the same thing.

This year my mom surprised me with an early gift.

A whole box of little "made in japan" putz houses!  She had told me a few weeks ago about a sale she went to at a local retirement community... and how she saw this box of houses and somebody swooped in on her and got them instead....

Obviously, she was fibbing... she not only got them... she got the whole box for $1!!  Yup, a single dollar.

 They're all a little different... in colors, in glittery goodness.

Most still have a little bottle brush tree attached... along with a stray bit of cottony snow.

The colors run the gamut of blue, green, red, white, aqua....

Just look at all those Suess like trees!

AND they have the little holes in the back for lighting... just like that village of years ago.

I've got lots of trusty little strings of battery operated lights left from the wedding.  I like the Ikea ones the best and since they are LED they last a long, long time on two batteries.  No need to disturb the village after it's all set up.

Lights, action, camera... look at those little cellophane window GLOW!

And the lights really make the snow sparkle and glitter and gleam....

They're in pretty fantastic shape... except for a church steeple roof...

And one poor little house will be a bit drafty in the village.

Perhaps I can craft up a little top for that steeple...

And I have 6 whole days to plan where this little village will nestle... and rustle up a vintage mirror for a skating pond perhaps?

But in full holiday decorating disclosure?  Well, I actually do have one little, teeny, tiny  Christmas tree out already... but I'm the only one that has noticed.... and you won't tell... right?

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  1. Cute . I haven't seen any of those little Christmas houses for years ! My mum had some when I was kid ! Have a good evening !

  2. You know what I think I have a steeple pay me a visit and e-mail me your address and I will dig it out! Hugs, Diane

  3. What a one dollar treasure find! I remember sitting beside a little snow village my mom had in a window seat area when I was very young? I can't wait to see what you create . . . Happy planning! Happy Thanksgiving too!

  4. How are going to have a great time with that $1 purchase!! Enjoy!!

  5. Hi Chris. I love those little houses. I have a few and I'm always looking for more. $1 was a real deal. I put mine on the tree with a light peeking through the hole in back. Your's look so cute..Happy Weekend..Judy

  6. You're funny, and I'm so jealous. This year I have decided to trade in my ceramic village. Yep. I MADE my own glittery putz village by covering small wooden birdhouses from Walmart with scrapbook paper and glitter. I'm so excited! I can't wait to put mine out. The day after Thanksgiving for sure.

  7. Aren't YOU the lucky one!!?? They all look so cute, can't wait to see the final arrangement with them all lit up. I got obsessed by the Dept 56 Dicken's Village and then the Christmas Village -- I have the original 7 houses in the original box of all 7. I just adore little houses.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Oh, I love them all!! So fun! Enjoy, and I have already started getting some Christmas decorations out! ;) xo Heather

  9. Hi I just found your lovely blog, those little house are so very cute.

  10. They are absolutely precious! Have a few of these but THESE are in such pristine condition ~ someone loved them dearly & took excellent care of them. Enjoy your tiny treasure and that wonderful Mom too!


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