Wednesday, February 27, 2013

almost a miss

Every morning I like to take a short cruise through the Craigslist posts on my Kindle Fire.  Last Sunday I happened across a post for a "vintage armoire" in the furniture section rather than the antiques.  It was only $75 and was listed as a "small" piece perhaps for a child's room.  I've been wanting some sort of bookcase or cabinet upstairs for a long time... however due to our funky angles on the second floor it couldn't be any higher than 6 foot or so.... most bookshelves are taller than that.  I happened upon a china cupboard just before Christmas but it was already gone when my husband checked.  So needless to say, I emailed this person right away.  I was disappointed to find out that someone was already interested but the "poster", Tessa, would let me know if that party didn't take it.  I emailed back a "Thank you" and didn't hear back.  Sigh.  Oh well, like my husband likes to say "you snooze, you lose"... maybe next time.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning and I'm finally cleaning up my gmail/email when I notice that this Craigslist email string from Sunday shows 4 emails... wait, what?  I only recall 3 emails... hmmm.  And sure enough... there was another email from Tessa asking if I was still interested.... and she sent it WAY BACK on Sunday morning!  No way!  Stupid email... how come it didn't show as an unread email?  Well, I thought what the heck, I'll email her and see if it is possibly still available.  To my delight, I received an email immediately that the "vintage armoire" was still available!  YES!

I meet my husband at the sellers home on Tuesday evening (I needed his muscle and his truck) and purchased the piece!  I was sooo excited to have gotten this after all.

It's definitely vintage and the perfect fit for upstairs.  It has a cute cut out for the bottom... keyholes, but no key.  Or knobs... or glass... but I've already got a vision...

It only needs 2 knobs and I'm thinking something from Anthropologie....

And these Anthro knobs are the EXACT ones I have in mind... I like the little "dangle"...

It has closed storage on the bottom... always good to have a spot to stash stuff...

Nice molding on the top....

Here you can see how short it really is.... and the missing glass...

My black lab decided to come out and check it out too...

The shelves are sitting off to the side on the floor.... solid wood, none of that particle stuff... and they're all adjustable.

And this is where it will go when I get it all fixed up... it will replace one of the two circa 1990, golden oak but painted, bookshelves I currently have (the other is the one I showed in my living room).  This shelf isn't very tall... perhaps 4 feet and you can see how the ceiling angle starts above it.

Oh... it looks like I'm being followed today or someone just wants to get into every picture perhaps...

 This is the wall in the upstairs area that is wallpapered with a vintage looking paper.  These are the colors I would like to use on the new cabinet.

A closer look-see.... and you may notice that the wall paper was installed upside down.  Oops.  It was my first and only attempt at wallpaper hanging.

 I plan to use chalk paint for the cabinet.  With all the little dings and living on this cabinet I think the chalk paint will look fabulous!

I'm leaning towards this look... without the floral background... and I'm not sure whether the blue/aqua will be on the inside or the outside...

I already have these 2 colors in chalk paint... I'm leaning towards a toned down version of the first one which is Provence.... but I do like that Duck Egg Blue.
Source: via Shelley on Pinterest

And one of these three perhaps for the tan/beige/cream?  Hmmmm.

Maybe I'll get over to my local store that sells ASCP this weekend....I wouldn't want them to be out of the color I finally decide on cuz after all, "you snooze, you lose" ya know....  but for now...

I think I'll let this sleeping dog lie... or snooze.


  1. Fun and cute!!! Can't wait to see what color you come up with!
    I got out my ascp yesterday and painted a small table and a luggage rack. Now, to wax or not to wax? Just another process and I'm sooooo lazy these days! Nice to get them at least a different color though!

    Have fun!

  2. That is quite a deal..It's amazing that it was still there for that price, I think it was meant to be! It will be fun to see it all finished with those great pulls from Anthro. xo

  3. Awesome find! Can't wait to see what happens w/ it ;) Your constant companion is a cutie! Soooo many options - I'd be in a tailspin.. lol. keep us posted, please :) -Tammy

  4. Your dog sure loves following you around, just like our Remington. That is a great find and it will look lovely freshly painted. I'm hoping to visit a store this week, just over an hour from here, that is now carrying AS.


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