Thursday, February 7, 2013

baby shower.... project one

The circus themed baby shower is THIS weekend!  Why does time always sneak up on you?  I realized I had better get busy on the games.  I like to make up a little booklet for the games... I find it easier than handing out multiple sheets and figuring out what folks can use to write on (magazines, tables, their knees....).   This time I tried to get a little more creative than usual.

I started with pages about the babies... yes, this shower is for TWO babies!  My niece's son and my cousin's daughter's son!  So I stole a couple of pictures from their facebook pages and listed the baby's names, birth date, time of birth and weight.

Next up is the first game.... I took the baby's names (first and middle) and shower guests need to come up with a baby related item that starts with each letter... such as "bottle" for the letter "B"... fun, huh?

The second game is one of my all time favorite games for a shower... baby or bridal... basically you play while the mom/bride opens their gifts... and it's BINGO!  You make up bingo cards with things like "has metal", "blue", "blanket or quilt"... and as the gifts are opened hopefully you are able to cross off one square for each gift.  It really helps keep everyone one involved in the gift opening instead of just visiting with each other and missing out on all the cool stuff that is given to the mom/bride!

 The third game I seem to have not taken a picture of .... but it's just a list of numbers 1 to 17.  This will be a "memory" game.  Perhaps you've played the game where a tray or box of items it brought out and you try to remember as many as you can AFTER the items are taken from the room?  Well this is a spin on that game... however there will be a clothesline of baby items hanging throughout the shower.... after the gift opening the clothesline will be removed and we will tell the guests they need to list as many items as they can!  The spin is that we also will NOT tell them ahead of time... it should be challenging!

And the final game will involve tickets!  Who could have a circus theme without some tickets?  So the final page is a little glassine envelope attached with washi tape and will have a few tickets inside.  This will be one of those games where you can take a ticket from someone throughout the shower... if they say a word or cross their legs or whatever you come up with!  I think ours will be a word... perhaps "baby" or "cute"!  Then at the end who ever has the most tickets wins... or you could even do it as a drawing with names on the tickets.

And I'm pretty proud of the way the booklets turned out!

You may have noticed the washi tape used in a couple of spots.... spotted tape in spots (he-he)!

And no project can be complete without a bit of baker's twine.  I have red, green and aqua blue.  Although I glued the booklets together I also punched a couple of holes on the fold and strung twine through each page to keep everything secure.  A simple knot on the outside hold it all together...

And this is what finished game booklet looks like... of course the "cherry on top" is the cute little circus image I found on the internet and I had made up into photos to attach to the cover made of cardstock, just .19 cents a piece at Costco for the prints!

I'm sure the games will be a hit this weekend!

Oh... and of course some of you may be wondering about the Ramsign Giveaway winner?  Well Sharon over at Elizabeth & Co. is the lucky number 17!  Sharon I'll be in touch!

Looking forward to a fun weekend full of family and BABIES!

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  1. Super cute booklet full of ideas. I love the clothesline idea! Congrats to Sharon.

  2. You are always full of so many great ideas..everyone will have a grand time with all of those fun games.

    Congratulations to Sharon on the win...Enjoy!

  3. Aren't you talented??!! Looks great. I've been thinking about baker's twine recently. Don't have any, but would like some. I didn't know it came in any color but the red and white!

  4. So adorable!!! Looks like such fun!! xo Heather

  5. You really make the most fun and creative things for your parties! Have fun with the family and babies and I hope you put up some photos of it all. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Sounds like a guest at the shower would have a very good time! Great games and I really liked your booklet idea! Enjoy . . .

  7. I think I need to hire you for my next party! Such a creative and fun idea. Have a wonderful time.

  8. You'll have so much fun! What a lovely idea for fun and games...and a little keepsake for the mamma's!

  9. I bet this was the best shower ever! You are so good with details. Hope you took lots of pictures! ... And thank you again for the giveaway. I'm super excited!

  10. Hello, I live in the Pacific Northwest also. I was born in Wa. and have lived in this beautiful state all my life. What a fun baby shower!


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