Monday, February 25, 2013

eclectic? indie? ME!?

Recently the photographer from my daughter's wedding published a link that some of "her" weddings were featured in a local wedding guide published annually and given out at local wedding expos/fairs.  "Ours" was one of them (but that's not them on the cover!)!

Although we could look at the guide online we had a bit of trouble tracking down an actual paper copy.  Fortunately I found some when I stopped by my local nursery to pick up a few prizes for the circus themed baby shower.

My daughter and son's "famous" bouquet shot is featured in the floral vendor section...

And TWO of the wedding shots (the left two of our cupcake display & the program display) were featured in a section highlighting different styles of weddings... such as "garden", "nautical", "classic".... and my new favorite...

The section labeled "indie charm" with the following caption: "If you like crafting, and have a flair for the creative, you'll delight in finding hidden treasures, indie style is, well... just like you!"

Huh?  I guess perhaps MY style IS "indie charm" then!

This got me thinking a little about rooms in my house... and I find that the "indie charm" label fits me pretty well!  Some may call it eclectic but I like the sound of "indie charm" and am sticking with it.

But for the rest of you, perhaps a little proof is in order?  First up this corner of my living room (or front room as my mother says)... it houses a drop front desk which is craftsman in style.  Quarter sawn oak and clean lines.  Above it?  Why my vintage yardstick collection and photos of our barn... pre-rebuilding.

Underneath you'll find a 4 drawer card catalog, also oak, a yarn spool, old photo and a brass basket full of what else but Nancy Drew books.

On top is my vintage slate chalkboard that I like to practice my chalk art (cheatin' or otherwise) on... as well as a favorite flower frog and some scrabble tiles spelling out "vintage".... one of my favorite words.

Moving around the room is my vintage garden gate... it also gets changed up pretty regularly.

My "entertainment center/bookshelf" that is made out of half of an old refrigerator-freezer cabinet... and filled with some of my favorite bits and pieces... mostly vintage, of course.

A little turn to the right and a basket (another change up opportunity) and my "love like crazy" picture... framed out by the vintage looking propane/gas stove that we added for atmosphere and back up heating.

Moving a bit more, a stool claimed at a garage/estate sale, topped with a tray full of odds and ends including an old clock face.  Sticking with my "indie charm" the stool is painted and topped with velvet fabric...

Another shift and my comfy Pottery Barn chair is tucked next to our circa 1990 oak bookcase which is also painted over (cuz nothing says 90's like golden oak furniture, right?)... It includes more scrabble tiles, vintage globes...

Baskets of old maps, my great grandmother's sewing basket, a digital picture frame, candles and parts of a replica weather vane.

Tucked in front is an old egg basket to hold dog toys (hmmm... they all seem to be "checked out" right now)...

And then a vintage desk, small sized, in use as an end table.  It's topped with my recent lamp makeover, vintage wooden boxes and a pair of vintage binoculars   The basket below holds magazines and a collection of wooden bowls my son made in high school shop class.

Another turn and you can see the sofa and leather club chair (and shh... it's actually a recliner but doesn't look like one!) also from Pottery Barn and oh, so comfortable.  Plus the leather and slipcovers are a must with dogs and a mister!

A slight shift in view and you can see my painted 60's era coffee table... topped with a burlap runner I won and a vintage wooden grate sits under the ceramic bowl... and that opening into the dining room is actually the where the, original to the house, pocket doors are.

I can't pass over what I use at the other end of the sofa as an end table.... it's actually a bookcase.  One of those revolving kind and is craftsman in style.  We don't have the spinning mechanism/base on it since a) I don't want it spinning and b) it was too high for an end table.  I do fill in all the little cubbies with magazines (more that I hoard), aqua jars, my Kindle Fire and my 3 of the 4 Sears Farm Knowledge books... I'm still hunting one of them down!  Tucked beside it is a vintage bike basket full of vintage games and puzzles as well as TWO cast iron, dachshund boot scrappers.  One is replica and the really big one is vintage... and HEAVY!

And, back to where we started this little tour!  So "indie charm" or just mish mash?

And in case you noticed... I realized while taking these photos that I had neglected to take my silvery, holiday filler out of my basket...

In a pinch and not sure what I wanted to fill it with for spring I tore out a few pages from a large atlas ($1.00 at the thrift store) and rolled up some paper cones... just like you do for the paper wreaths.  I figures this is what I planned to do eventually with the atlas so I'm just getting a few cones done in advance!

And maybe you noticed that the basket hangs from a vintage double wire hangar?  It make a fabulous basket hook!

And the leftover ribbon?  Well I added a piece of aqua to the others....

And it's just tied on a wooden kitchen skewer to hold the ribbon in place!

And touring the inside of the house is preferable to the outside on this grey, dreary, rainy February day...

Or weekend even.  Next up?  Perhaps another "indie charm" tour...

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  1. Love your indie charm style. Collected over time and unique.

  2. I've never heard of indie charm before, but if that's what you are amazing at it!!

  3. I love your style...maybe because its comfy and welcoming. I have the same style couch...mine's from Ikea...and tan slip covers...I wanted white...hubby thought it too girly. We have flea market, passed down and antiques in our little cottage...all mixed with things we've collected for 35 years...including...sadly...some 80's furniture that we haven't found replacement for.

  4. Congrats on being recognized for your great photos of the wedding and your creative decorating style! I enjoyed your "front room" tour.. my mom called it that too. I love your bowl of Japanese fishing floats.. I have quite a nice little collection of some smaller ones and 3 huge ones.. I need to do a post on them someday. Teresa :-)

  5. I to have never heard of Indie charm but I must say you carry it of wonderfully . Your home is lovely ! Congrats on the the wedding photos and crafts you were recognized for ! Have a good evening !

  6. It's funny, the timing.. as I had just finally read THE wedding post! Indie charm girl.. I love it. And I adore your house and decorating!! Indie, or whatever it is.. perfect. -Tammy

  7. So fun to find you...we like the same kinds of stuff!! Maybe I have "Indie" style as well...people always cringe when I tell them I have "junk" style ;)

  8. How fun that some of the wedding pictures were published! I love your "indie" house! The built ins filled with china, the pocket doors, the baskets full (or empty) of dog toys, the rulers on the wall, the atlas pages... ALL of it!

  9. Your home is just beautiful Chris and definitely charming! I think "Indie Charm" really suits you!

  10. Congrats Chris!! How exciting for you!! Your home is beautiful and I love all your pretty treasures!! Indie Charm is the sweetest name!! xo Heather

  11. Congratulations Chris!! What a treat to see all your hard work valued and appreciated!

    I loved the tour of your living's so you! I love all of your vintage, indie, lovliness! You are so good at displaying and making everything so pleasing to the eye!

    Thanks for the nice comment you left yesterday. I know I should be grateful for all the wonderful blessings in my life, but I let myself get down yesterday...trying to pull out of it! Did a little painting today and worked on a couple of projects. Just getting something accomplished helps a lot!!!

  12. Congrat's on the magazine photos!! I thoroughly enjoyed our tour around your living room. :)

  13. I have never heard of this style before, thanks for sharing at the Cabin.

  14. Certainly charming! I love it whatever it is. Darling chalkboard, and love the display gate!

  15. Indie charm being equated with industrial vintage? Of Course! I think it sounds lovely.
    Now as soon as it catches on...we'll all have to go and take the online quiz again and see what our style is...I'm sure all the style names are continually changing to fit the times.
    I wonder what they'll call Vintage Farmhouse next...'dirt cheap'...ha ha!

    I must say, this is my first time here...and you DO have a lovely home no matter what your style. It is lovely. Enjoyed it.
    came here via creative cain cabin.
    So nice to meet you, Pat


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