Monday, February 4, 2013

tramp art

I've finally been "chipping" away at some little projects in my bedroom... the bedroom redo I started oh about 18 months ago.  I'd been trying to give away one of our dressers to make the room work a bit better.  Since my house is a small farmhouse the bedroom is pretty small, just 12 by 13 feet or so. With one of the big dressers gone the room functions so much better... and I purged tons of old clothes in the process!  My new dresser is the cute Ikea dresser I painted in Duck Egg chalk paint from ASCP about a year ago.  Yup... it's my dresser and my nightstand now!  I took time to clean out everything, even my jewelry box that rests on my nightstand.  I'm not a fancy jewelry girl, mostly silver, but those necklaces really get tangled hanging out in the box... hmmm...

I had the idea to reuse this little tramp art styled frame.   It's missing one of it's corners AND it had no backing when I purchased it for just $.99 at my local thrift store.  I had originally used it for another project that I had decided to change... so I had already cut a scrap of foam core and covered it with a combination of fabric and burlap.

I was planning to hang a number of my necklaces, the ones I wear most frequently, but was afraid to just use a pin to hang from.  I had some beads and decided to thread the pin through the bead before attaching it to the foam core backing... this gives a bit larger spot to keep the necklaces from slipping off.

AND it's kind of an eclectic bit of art to add to my bedroom wall!

Here you can see the whole little vignette again... it hangs just above my jewelry box which keeps it handy.

 And perhaps you have noticed my drop cloth curtains I finally finished?

And my dark bedding?  Although I'd LOVE to have a light or white quilt on my bed it wouldn't be practical in my house.  Between my husband....

and my furry creatures anything light would always be in the wash or being replaced pretty regularly.... as you can see THEY seem to think it's their bed too!

Oh, and the "cone head" dog has made a full recovery and has been able to ditch the cone again!

PS... if you haven't entered, there's still time for my Ramsign GIVEAWAY!

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  1. I love your new header! I also have one of those little pink custard cups! They are great for serving sauces and dips. Great job with the tramp art frame.. I have a wooden hook thing to hang all my necklaces on the wall, I think they make great art! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. That is a beautiful idea for your necklaces. Well done! My husband made me a wooden necklace holder over 30 years ago that hangs in our closet. I love it because he made it for me and it's practical, but I really like the art aspect of yours. Your curtains turned out nice too.

    I understand about the dark/light bedding problem. I bought a dark chocolate IKEA duvet cover and our Chloe leaves little hairs all over it. That's okay, she's worth it!


  3. It looks lovely, Chris! I like the basket below the table, too. A great way to use the frame. It is a wonderful feeling to purge, isn't it?!
    The cone head dog....those things are such a pain to live with - hope you never get sideswiped by one in the summer when wearing shorts. It WILL leave a mark! Especially with such a silly powerful dog behind it! ;))

  4. Such a pretty room! Love the blue side table!! xo Heather

  5. Your room looks great! It is cheerful and cozy...the tramp art was a great find!

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  7. I like it looks wonderful ! Great idea for your necklaces . Been there done that with the cone head dog with Miggs boy those darn things hurt when they whop you with it. Glad to hear the cone is gone for all of you lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. I like what you've done to the little IKEA dresser - sweet!

  9. Your bedroom looks so cozy, you've done a lovely job!

  10. Such a sweet room...and I love the dogs in there!

  11. Love that little blue bedside table! And your necklace holder is darling! Just a charming room Chris!


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