Friday, May 17, 2013

something is always changing in my little cottage garden in the country

It's amazing to me what can happen in one week in the gardens at this time of year.  Seeds sprout, flowers bloom and die, plants (and weeds) double in size!

My dark pink peonies have been pretty spectacular this year.  At seven blooms I almost, almost cut some to bring inside but in the end just couldn't do it.

Wouldn't it be fabulous to have a peony cutting garden?  Of course then I'd need a lilac, rose, hydrangea, tulip and daffodil one too!

At least when the dark pink one is done the white Maxima will be ready for it's show... plus I've added a few other peonies this year and last year so maybe even more!

My 16 acre field of dandelions gone to seed puffs....

It's changing too.

Gone.... and as we speak it's being disced and tilled... I'm looking forward to seeing what will be planted this year.  Although I could have done without the 6:30 am wake up call of a tractor in my field... on my day off... they joys of country living.

Our "sunny and rainy on the same day" days have really made an impact on my gardens this year.  Lots of weeds but also lots of flowers and plants are thriving.

And I have no idea where this Iris came from.... This is our 9th spring at Red Gate Farm and I've never planted any Iris' in this bed nor has it ever bloomed before!  It's a pretty combination of colors and will have 4 or 5 blooms on the one stem.

The veggie garden is doing well (you had a sneak peek above in the field picture) but the chives are the only obvious plant so far!

My white clematis is looking better and better every day.

Words aren't necessary....

And the little greenhouse way over there?

Well it is FULL this year of seed starts of sunflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers (like these), pumpkins, peppers....

And OF COURSE.... zinnias!  Lots and lots of zinnias once again.

With the guarantee of warmer nights I've finanlly gotten all of my pots and baskets out, including the imaptiens that usually go out last.

And last Saturday I spent most of the day planting my white imaptiens that I grow from seed.  I sorted them by size and planted out about 150 of the ones that were bigger leaving the smaller ones inside until they were ready for planting... of course in just a few days, yesterday to be exact, I had 100 more ready to go into the gardens.

My orange azaleas that are original to the house put on quite a show this year...

As did the mother's day Rhodie.

I've told you before that this Rhodie is at least from 1955 as the prior owner's father gave it to his mother before his father passed away in 1955.  And just so you can put it in perspective, size wise, it's almost as tall as our house!  I think I mentioned that I thought it was an apple tree when we looked at the place before we bought it!

My miniature lilac is still going strong...

But my old lilac is now waning.... in fact after a very windy day this week, it's waning all over the lawn!

It too was pretty amazing this year.

There's nothing like the smell of lilacs and this year with the warmer days you could smell them all around the yard!

Which is nice since in the "country" sometimes there are other not so fabulous smells... yep, those are cows across the way.

They're pretty funny too... if you walk over to the fence they all come hustling over... which panics me a little since that fence looks pretty flimsy...

And this one?

I think she likes me,


  1. Your plants look so nice. Things are not so great in my yard. My lilac bush is old and it is doing horrible. I had only two blooms. That has never happened before. I don't think my peonies are going to open. I think they got nipped with all the cold weather he had so late. Hopefully next year will be a better year!

    Your hard work is surely paying off! It all looks so amazing!!

  2. I bet those cows probably do like you!Your garden is amazing...such beautiful blooms!Your weather is so much cooler longer than ours...our lilacs bloom in February!I can't wait to see you field all full of veggies...I have room for just enough for us to eat here...we should have tomatoes and squash soon. Have a great day!!

  3. Wonderful photos , everything looks like it is doing well there to ! Oh that cow has such a pretty face ! Thanks for sharing . Have a great weekend !

  4. I am in awe of your flowers and gardens! They are spectacular. I'm waiting for my peonies to bloom. I finally planted myself some after years of "borrowing" from the lady next door. :)

    XO Sarah

  5. Oh Chris, so pretty, pretty and more pretty! I love seeing what's growing on the farm. And those cows are stinkin cute! ... Now I'm really curious about the dandelions? The photos are gorgeous! I've never seen fields of them. Do you really have 16 acres of dandelions? Tell me more please!

  6. Oh my, your garden is stunning! I know it is a ton of work, but I am still a wee bit envious! Happy for you too!
    I grow flowers to cut & bring in! sorry no qualms here!...cuz any sec the rain will get them!
    I agree this rain/warm weather has been amazing for the garden!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Oh how beautiful!! I think that iris is a sign that you NEED to plant some. :-) Love the peonies and clematis and everything else, too. Wish I had room to plant all the things I love. Maybe I'll just take over my neighbors yard as well... I'm sure they won't mind. HA!

  8. Gorgeous photos . . . beautiful Clematis . . . Looking forward to see your Zinnias!

  9. Your garden is gorgeous and those clematis are beautiful!!! Enjoy your weekend! xo Heather

  10. And I hope to see lots of Red Gate Farm posts at my new garden party Chris! I get so much inspiration here!

  11. Hi Chris!
    Spring time at your farm is just beautiful...Love all of your blooms and your field of dandelions too! Thanks for sharing your farm beauty with the Farmgirl Friday farmgirls!

    Happy Sunday!

  12. I love the changes that spring brings. Your plantings are well underway - wow! - I can imagine that your place will be a showplace in mid-summer!


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