Monday, May 27, 2013

looking for LOVE in all the wrong places

wedding photo from Melisa Draper Photography

 Last spring and summer I spent quite a bit of time looking for a "V" Scrabble tile.  As you know my daughter was getting married and I was looking to spell love in Scrabble tiles.   I had a few tiles of my own, picked up a few more here and there but could not find the missing "V".   I even contacted a seller on Etsy but she wasn't willing to sell just the "V" since folks would want it to spell "love"... well, ya but I already had the other letters... sigh.  Fortunately a blogging friend had a "V" that she was willing to part with... a blogging friend clear across the continent (well almost) in Toronto was willing to pop it in the mail to me!  We had our "V" in time for the wedding and the above ring shot that I loved and still love.

So imagine my complete and utter surprise last week when I came across not one... but two more "V"s... plus a whole lot more and I wasn't even looking for love this time!

My local thrift store has a little game section.  Where you find games, playing cards and even puzzles.  I check those shelves on every trip.  I've found some fun cards but have never, ever found a Scrabble game. Last week there was one... but not in the game section, in the dish section no less!

We're talking box, board, four wooden holders and lots and lots of tiles.  I don't think that ALL of them were there but there certainly is enough.

My measly little collection before this could fit in a small little box... and included about 10 letters over and over... well except for my original "V" that is.

 Now I can spell fun things... summer love...

read books...

 Now that lone "V" has tripled.

And I finally have a "K"... last summer at my daughter's bridal shower I spelled out the couples first names... no "K" so I made my own out of a blank tile and a sharpie.  As you can see I got the value wrong!

Now I've got her name...

 Her husband's, my new son in law...

My son's, which looks to have the highest value with that "Z"...

Even my husband's name.

I have enough letter tiles that I could wish them a Happy Birthday now... well not NOW since it's not their birthdays yet...

But ON their birthdays because I've got lots of letters and holders to use.

And all of this?  Well it was a good deal...

Just $6.99.  Box.  Board,  Holders. Tiles.

But I probably won't be following any rules since I will be using proper nouns to my heart's content.

 Like mine.

And my lesson for this week was to KEEP looking for love,

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  1. That looks like fun, Chris.
    What a nice thing for that blogger-friend to do for you last year!

  2. Really cute, looking for love, post . . . I liked! (I was at a vintage shop the other day and saw a large bowl filled with scrabble tiles . . . had I known then . . . I would have been looking for . . . V, K, Z, maybe Q and Y too . . . for "Queen for a daY."

  3. I LOVE it. I LOVE scrabble tiles. I'd say that was definitely a great deal.

  4. What fun to play with all your scrabble letters! You just never know what you'll find or when you'll find it!

  5. Everyone deserves a little love! Glad you found yours ;-)


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