Wednesday, May 1, 2013

may flowers... brought to you by april showers

We've been fortunate to have sunny days this week in the Pacific Northwest.  The cooler temps of Monday have given way to some warmer days, with even warmer days to come.  I've spent time after work every day out in the gardens and filling up my baskets with annuals... tucked safely away in my little greenhouse due to some frosty nights and mornings.  And I have it on good authority (the weatherman) that the sun is sticking around and the temps will just get warmer!

I think evenings in the spring can be kind of magical.  The glowy-ness that happens just as the sun goes down is one of my favorite things about this time of year.

My little old lilac bush is just about ready to burst... I can hardly wait for that incomparable fragrance when it's in bloom.  In fact I'm planning a little covert mission to my son's house this week... with a bucket and some pruners.  He lives just 10 minutes away, but his lilacs are a few days ahead of mine and I plan to bring some of his home... he has white and a fabulous dark purple color.

Everything is green, green, green as well... against all that green the blue skies never looked better.

My little patch of bleeding hearts is spreading and sprawling...

One of my peonies is almost there... I think by the weekend I'll be enjoying my deep red peonies in full on living color.

The pear, plum, peach, nectarine and cherry trees have all had a terrific flowering this year... the apple trees are just getting there.  Who can resist an apple blossom?

Not I.

And as the sun goes down in the west each night it warms up this side of the house.

That golden glow even creeps inside...

Here's looking forward to a few more days of sunshine... on this fabulous 1st day of May.

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  1. What a cheerful post! My lilacs are partially blooming, teasing me with their fragrance! Just a few more days. The day lilies are budding and the trees stretch their leaves a little more each day. Mowing like crazy, painting rooms, rearranging furniture, and wondering where the time goes!

  2. I'm so jealous of those temperatures creeping up, it's still freezing cold here.
    That Lilac is going to smell amazing, it's a scent that always reminds me of childhood as there was one near where we lived.
    Beautiful pictures and a lovely walk through warmer climes. Thank you


  3. It looks like you are about a week ahead of us and like you, we've got a nice stretch of sunshine to coax the blooms!

  4. Your gardens are always so beautiful!

  5. So beautiful! Happy May!! xo Heather

  6. It has been so glorious lately! One thing I am really loving about WA is the abundance of flowering bushes, trees, plants, everything! It has been wonderful.

  7. Isn't this time of year wonderful with new buds and blossoms each day. After work today I went out to water and I couldn't believe my rose bushes, or my carnations or my cosmos. So much in bloom and others just about to burst.

    I love your lilacs, and peonies and bleeding hearts. I have none of those in my garden. I will have to check to see if they will grow in my sandy soil.

  8. Beautiful buds and blooms; a deep red peony is one colour I don't have. I love it when the lilacs bloom too, you're lucky to be able to borrow a few branches from your son.

  9. Everything in your garden looks beautiful! Love your peony. New Follower!


  10. Chris ~ thank you so much for linking up to the first garden party of 2013! Pretty excited to have 54 posts linked up! guess we are all excited about having the best season finally here! I have one lilac bush bloom so far - I used the cuttings to decorate out Sunday bbq table! hope you have a great upcoming week! xoxo, tracie


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