Sunday, March 27, 2011

What a wonderful day...... or weekend

It was a wonderful weekend here at Red Gate Farm.  Yesterday started with the sun peeking out.  The horizon starting to glow.

Spreading to the greenhouse...

then the pumphouse...

and finally the barn.

Today, Sunday, I got to spend time here.  In my sewing room.

Getting ready for the fast approaching baby shower.  By making this...

into this.  A cute, Anthropolgie inspired, tea towel made from a piece of vintage linen tablecloth.  With a few added embellishments.

Let me show you a close up of the ribbon.  I love this little ribbon with the cute little mushrooms.  But "shhhh" don't tell, it's a surpise.  Part of a prize for one of the baby shower games.

Sad to see the weekend go,


  1. I love the way you've followed the sun in your photos - lovely!
    Have fun at that shower. The tea towel is going to be very pretty....lucky guest!

  2. Gorgeous morning pics!
    Oh, how I wish I knew how to sew! I should have listened to my Nana :)
    Thanks for coming over and entering the giveaway!
    I really appreciate it!
    xo, misha

  3. LOVE those tea towels! I think they are going to be a big hit!

  4. What beautiful 'morning shots' of Red Gate Farm! Your embellished tea towel is lovely and I can't wait to see how you'll pull it all together for the Baby Shower!

  5. Beautiful photos. I know how to sew and have a machine just not very good at it, but like my mum always told me " practice makes perfect" ! Have a good day !

  6. Your photos are beautiful! The one of the barn is just gorgeous! I am so glad that you had a great weekend and the towel is adorable! How fun!!

  7. Mornings at Red Gate Farm look pretty divine to me. And my how sweet that ribbon is. Lovely job Chris!


  8. Very cute towel!

    I'm planning on getting a bit of sewing done myself today now that I have the batting and backing for the quilt.

    What day is the shower? Just curious to see if I can get the quilt done in time...

  9. Bea-u-ti-ful GORGEOUS barn! I love it!!! =)

    DO you mind if I link it to Barn Charm? It would make a wonderful addition... =)

  10. Above all else, guard your heart for it affects everything else you do. ~Proverbs 4:23

    God bless you and have a nice day :-)

  11. it was a beautiful weekend around here wasn't it! we got our garden beds put in the lovely potager. now if i could just get my camera talking to my computer again i would have some great gardening inspiration to share!

  12. We had a lovely weekend too! Finally some sun. Your tea towel is so cute. It reminds me of the burpies we made for Baby Bee by sewing ribbon onto new diapers. I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve.

  13. What a cute tea towel! Never thought to make one from a piece of vintage tablecloth.

  14. What a great looking sewing room! I love the idea of making a tea towel out of a tablecloth!

  15. LOVE the red polka dotted ribbon with the embellishment at the bottom. Where did you buy your ribbon?

  16. I swear that is the cutest ribbon ever...! but then im a fabric hoarder that includes collecting ribbons... and im Polish so i love mushrooms - real and on ribbons lol!

    When my Aunt Sophie passed on, she wanted me to have her rolls of embroidered and woven ribbon from Russia and Poland...this is an idea of yours I may copy !


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