Saturday, March 19, 2011

The last day of winter

Today was the last day of winter.  I think we're all ready to see it go...  it's time to celebrate... tomorrow is the first day of spring. 

Here, at Red Gate Farm, it was a beautiful Pacific Northwest kind of day. 

The kind that makes you realize how lucky we are to live here.

The flowers are happy, peaking up out of the soil.

The dogs are happy, napping in the sunshine.

I'm happy to have found a couple of treasures at the thrift store...

A vintage globe, the kind with "bumps" for mountains.  And yep, that plate is a vintage Niagara Falls plate.... for $3.99 (can you say "obsessed"?).  Just wait to see what my plan is for this little gem.

Hoping your first day of spring brings you sunshine and happiness,


  1. My fingers are crossed for a sunny day again tomorrow. We sure enjoyed the sun today!

  2. It was a beautiful day. I saw a bank thermometer in Mt. Vernon that said 63 degrees!?

    Do you know the blog The Growers Daughter.blogspot ? She is in Ontario in the Niagara wine region. I don't know if that is near your new 'obsession' area but I wanted to let you know just in case.

  3. Today over here on the island did not feel like spring or look like your day, a few miles west.

    We only got a peak of sun, late this afernoon.

    BUT, last fall almost November, I was at habitat and they had all these bulbs from home-depot. I bought a load and quickly put them in the dirt as it was almost dark. They are coming up!

    All sorts of tulips. My first ones. It is so exciting!

  4. It certainly was a beautiful day here even though it was quite chilly. I still don't have bulbs coming up and am beginning to wonder if I have lost them all to some blight or critter! Looking forward to your project with the plate...;j

  5. I have never seen an image of the Falls from that view point. I almost didn't recognize it!

    Great find!

  6. Looks like you had a glorious day yesterday! The sun was shining here but it was still very cool. I think today is supposed to be warmer. Love your two finds! Those globes sell for $40 - $50 here at the antique shows but can be found much cheaper at yard sales and on Craigslist. I can see that you absoultely LOVED the Falls and you should really try to make an effort to come during the summer ... the whole area is a sight to behold!

  7. WOOOHOO IT'S SPRING NOW ! Nice photos. Have a great first day of spring.

  8. Don't you just love this time of year! Happy Spring to you!


  9. It was a pretty March Day, wasn't it? I sat under the trees in the backyard and watched my hubby wield the chainsaw against stumps and brush. Don't know when I last sat on the ground!

  10. Finally! Yesterday was such a beautiful day & got so much done in the yard....So excited for more sunshine! xoxo

  11. Loved your vibrant blue sky. I also love when the flowers start to peek through. We are not at that point yet here in NE. Have a great week!

  12. We have had a beautiful start to spring, but with a high of 88, it felt more like summer! All the leaves on the trees are blooming so that means a nice coat of yellow pollen on everything!

  13. Oh the flowers, the treasures, the dogs. I adore them all.


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