Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Do you ever look at the "labels" gadget many blogger use?  It took me a bit, but I recently figured out how to have my "labels" show in the square, multi sized words instead of a plain ol' list.  It's called "cloud" and each word is sized based on the number of posts attached to it.  You all probably know this, but it took a bit for me to discover it!

I think this tells a lot about me and my fellow "cloud label using bloggers".  For me, it seems to all be about...

Happiness, I'm easy to please... a coke and a burger from Burgermaster make me happy.

Farm, can't have a farm without a tractor.

Garden, hollyhocks I can hardly wait for summer.

Decorating,  I always seem to be fussing with something.

Family, enough said as to why this is at the top of the list.

And in case you didn't notice... spring and summer are WAY bigger than winter!  Enjoy the beginning of a beautiful season,


  1. You too Chris! I am so, so ready to get this spring and summer party started! : )


  2. You've got the right attitude and appreciate all that you have! It's a great way to go through life. I'm suffering from Spring Fever too!

  3. Burgermaster..I didn't know they were still around..Yum!
    You've got me hooked on Hollyhocks and I can hardly wait for summer to see them blooming...
    yeah, you got all the important stuff right..;j

  4. I love Hollyhocks!!! We have to buy the plants from the greenhouses here in Alaska and then their success can still be uncertain. I went to Utah a few years ago and some of the historical sites had the most beautiful display of hollyhocks in a explosion of different colors....it was fabulous...that's when I got hooked!
    Chris :o)

  5. I agree with you. I get pleasure from the simple things of life. The value of anything is not what matters, it is the thought. I am happy I make it out of bed each day. I love and live a happy, simple life style.

  6. Why, I never knew that! I actually tried to change the font on my list words so they'd look more like others I'd seen. Huh! No wonder 'family' is so big on mine too! Thanks for the information. I won't waste my time fiddling with that font anymore...


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