Thursday, March 10, 2011

Irreplaceable treasures...

When we moved to Red Gate Farm a little over 6 years ago there were no gardens to speak of.  No vegetable garden, no flower beds except for a couple broken brick beds around the back entrance. 

There were however quite a few old, and some quite old, shrubs and trees.  Other than knowing the evergreens where evergreens, I could only recognize a cherry tree... so most of the others we had to figure out.  Some we couldn't figure until buds or blooms appeared.

One of my all time favorites...

I was thrilled to have a lilac.

I've talked about my mother's day rhododendron...

named for the fact it blooms around mother's day, it's at least 55 - 60 years old.  This tree is so big I actually thought it was an apple tree at first!

The azaleas that survived...

being cut back before we came and doused in roundup after we arrived.

A magnolia...

it was being choked out by an alder sapling.

This one was a surprise right up until it flowered...

a golden chain shrub.

Of course there's the grandma and granddaddy...

the cherry and the walnut.

Oh, the walnut...

is probably the oldest living thing here at Red Gate Farm.

And many evergreens, including a scotch pine..

as well as many piney-fir friends.  Here's a view from 2007, from a top the barn.

The first pictures in each group were each taken this week... as you could see most everything is still dormant... the second pictures were taken over the 6 springs we've been at Red Gate Farm.  And I know that they are all waiting to burst out into color and fragrance at just the right moment.

It's almost the weekend folks and spring is getting closer by the day,

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  1. Your red gate farm made me smile tonight.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your trees and hearing about the 'waiting to find out' that first special that must have been.

    Do you have squirrels that come and get your walnuts before you can?

  3. What a beautiful legacy for you to care for and pass on, one day, to the next caretakers of your land.

  4. In just a few weeks those trees will burst forth and become a beautiful legacy to the farm. I'm so glad that you cherished these old beauties and kept them around for generations to come. Beautiful!

  5. Very have done a great job!


  6. You have really made this land a thing of beauty. It looks amazing. You can tell a lot of love goes into it. B

  7. All of the pictures make me a little homesick... And they make me want it to be spring. Hopefully not too much longer!

  8. Many botanical surprises were in store for you when you arrived at Red Gate Farm! There is nothing more intoxicating then the scent of a lilac and the fleeting beauty of the magnolia in bloom is breathtaking! I LOVE the photo you took from the top of your barn ... Red Gate Farm looks like heaven on earth to me! BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Your place is beautiful. I wish I had been taking pics as you have our past five years of being here, monitoring and having something to look back on. I may just need to start that. Thanks for dropping by.

  10. How wonderful to have all of those gorgeous old trees and shrubs on the property. They're beautiful! We only had a couple of fruit trees (besides the orange grove) that were infested with termites, so we had to take them out. We basically had to start from scratch. You were lucky. :)
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo

  11. Beautiful property with all those lovely trees and bushes!

  12. I love seeing such beautiful and mature plants/trees. Thanks for linking up to Cottage Flora Thursday's and sharing the garden party with your friends! It's so great to browse the garden posts that were linked to the garden party while we all wait for spring to arrive! Hugs!

  13. How wonderful to have all those established old shrubs and trees...we are still unearthing ours from amongst the over growth of under growth lol.

    Great view from atop the barn, very brave photographer indeed.

    Blessings Kelsie

  14. Old plants, flowers and shrubs are definatly one of the best things about living in an old house. I love the surprise of that first growing season.

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  16. Chris,

    Your farm is surrounded by beauty! I can only imagine what the lilac bushes smell like in bloom. We bought this house, last August, so I'm sure there are things that will surprise us this Spring. Thanks for sharing these with us!
    Have a great weekend! :) Michelle

  17. Ooh, I love a garden tour and this was lovely! I also enjoyed catching up on your fun older posts. So glad I hopped over. I'll be back to see how this years garden takes shape!

  18. What beautiful trees and shrubs. Spring and their blooms will be right here before you know it.

  19. What a great post. I love seeing all those trees and shrubs in their glory!

  20. Chris, I love Red Gate Farm--I would so love to see it in person someday. The trees and shrubs are gorgeous and what wonderful specimens. The Golden Chain tree--wow! I can’t believe how big your rhodo is and how old-it’s beautiful . The Lilac--oh my. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing with FFF!

  21. Your property is just gorgeous. I would love to have a lilac tree. It must smell wonderful!

  22. Your property and home looks so beautiful.

  23. So pretty. I love the sight of old trees, there is something so majestic about them!

    I can't wait for things to begin blooming here, when my spirea starts, I'll know for sure spring has arrived. :)

  24. Your farm will soon be full of color! We set forward our clocks tonight! ♥

  25. You have so many beautiful trees and shrubs! What a wonderful place Red Gate Farm is!


  26. Oh, I can't wait to see the blooming trees here! Your pictures were beautiful!

  27. Chris these are gorgeous! How fun and exciting to see what bloomed before your eyes! The walnut tree is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing and I can't wait to spring to see more blooms!

  28. Your farm is gorgeous Chris. So green and pretty! I so miss the rhodies and azaleas. It's just too cold here. And hydrangeas. Miss those a lot. I bet it was so fun that first year when every blooming thing was a surprise.

  29. I love this post. And I wish i could smell every blossom...

  30. Very nice! We have a walnut too, it sits proudly right smack in the middle of our back yard - so lovely! I haven't heard of a golden chain shrub, I'm going to look into that one...

  31. I saw your post over at "Unskinny Boppy's Garden Party". It was a pure joy to see the wonderful "beore" and "after" pictures of your beautiful property. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Hi Chris! Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful entry on my Garden Party Blog Hop. I just wanted to let you know that I featured you this week! Feel free to stop back by and share another entry with us again this week, or just grab your "Best in Show" button from my sidebar. Hope you have a great week!

    Beth @ Unskinny Boppy


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