Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I've been up to...

I'm still in my puttering mode.  After 4 months of the Peach Palace, the holidays and my trip to Toronto, well I'm content to just let each day "happen"...  not too much planning ahead.

First, I'm currently reading "The Day the Falls Stood Still" by Cathy Marie Buchanan, on my Kindle of course.  

Andrea of Rural Revival recommended it to Sheryl of Ain't for City Gals. and Sheryl recommended it to me after reading about my Niagara Falls & Toronto adventures.  I started it last night and am already captivated.  It's a story that takes place during World War I with Niagara Falls, both the falls and the Canadian town, as the "backdrop".  When I read, I really picture the story, characters and location in my head... so far I'm enjoying imagining Niagara Falls, Ontario of 1915.... and I'm thrilled that I've ACTUALLY seen some of what is mentioned!!  Am I getting to be totally obsessed with Niagara Falls??  Yes, I do believe I am...

Secondly, I started painting my dining room table last weekend.  It's an 80's oak pedestal table that we bought new in 1985 or 1986.  I painted it the first time about 8 or 9 years ago and again when we moved here to Red Gate Farm, to change the color.  It was a greenish, olive color.

It was time to repaint and this time I have chosen a creamy white called "Hazelnut Cream" by Behr.  I may distress it before I put a coat of poly on it.  After all, it will probably soon show wear and I may as well embrace it! 

I've also chosen to paint an old plant stand the same color. 

My mom may not be happy about this choice but it certainly wasn't a fine antique...  Oh, there are those unfinished "curtains"...

With not being able to use the table, it was also a good time to repaint the ceiling and walls.  After 6 years, they were showing a bit of, well, dirt.  The chairs need a good waxing and I think I'll recover the seats with some drop cloth fabric I have.  I also plan to repaint my floors while the table is out of commission.  I think it will then actually be a totally, all at one time, finished room!  A first I'm sorry to say.  (Oh, I guess I also need to finish those curtains.)

And all of this spiffing up at Red Gate Farm leads to the third, and final "to do", I've been planning my vintage baby shower I will be hosting in a couple of weeks.  I've lots of ideas for food, games and decorating... Thanks to you all for input on the invitation.  In the end, I went with this:

Costco is printing this up as pictures as we "speak"... The photo will be the invitation.

Enjoying a slower pace of life for now,


  1. I admire you for all of the projects you are doing. I really like that planter on the stand that you are painting, it looks like a vintage collectable but I can't put my finger on the maker.

  2. You have been so busy gal. I think the table would look great distressed and can’t wait to see the finished product of the dining room. I know it will look great. If you love that book-I will read it next. Let me know :)
    What a great idea, a vintage baby shower. So fun!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. Busy, busy! Where do you get the energy?

    I have one of those 80's clawfoot tables that I've been hankering to paint. Did you have to sand it completely the first time? And after painting did you put a clear coat of some kind on it?

  4. I really like the new color on the table (not that the green wasn't nice). And I look forward to some pictures of the baby shower!

  5. Chris, I loved that book! I am getting obsessed with Niagra Falls and I have never even been there but hope to make it in the next year. lol..at the walls are getting a little dirty....I find it is easier to paint than wash them too!

  6. Isn't 'puttering' fun? I love all your small projects that you're working on and it's so nice not to have a deadline or timeframe and just work at your own pace. I LOVE your shower invitation ... turned out really nice! All your guests are going to be in for a treat.

  7. Your tables look great. Glad you are still enjoying things about my Canada. If you like ghost stories then I recamend the books from Barbra Smith a Canadian author that writes about historical ghosts with in Canada and the events have been arhcived. Have a great day !

  8. Debora,
    I do put a clear coat on after I paint for durability. In the past I've used plain ole' latex flat or satin paint (multiple coats) and then finished with a couple of coats of wipe on oil based poly for durability. This worked well but the oil based poly has a tendency to yellow over time. Since my previous colors were greens that didn't concern me.

    This time I purchased a product by Delft (I think that's the name) that I read about on "The Lettered Cottage" blog... she used it on her white painted table since it doesn't yellow but I believe it is still an oil based product (I haven't read the fine print yet) and it can be brushed on.


  9. I love the white - clean and crisp, and makes the perfect backdrop!

    You photos make me feel like I dropped in with a coffee cake to share, and you are showing me around your home on what you have been up to - I love it!

  10. Lots of painting fun! I'll be starting the same thing on the weekend - another yellow room. What can I say? We live in the grey Northwest and yellow makes me feel like sunshine.


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