Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A bit of red for the holidays....

My kitchen is predominately white and pale green.  Initially I had incorporated a bit of red into it as well.  After 7 years I decided the red was a little too bold for me and was taking over the pale green that I love.  I started to scale back a little as well as add a bit of faded reds and even a little pink... think Cath Kidston's faded red color.  Of course, for the holidays, I bringing out the BIG red in both the kitchen/breakfast room and the front porch were our "real" tree is.

I'm liking how this little vignette turned out in the breakfast room.... a vintage inspired wreath is attached to a picture that is up year round, one of my many ceramic Christmas trees with just RED lights, and one of my newest acquisitions... these tumbling Santas that I picked up at a local thrift store's annual Christmas sale.... don't they make you smile?

The other area of the house that has RED is the enclosed front porch.  This year I repainted the porch white with a pale aquaish/grayish (is there such a color?) bead board ceiling.  I also add a free cabinet that I recently painted with ASCP in a toned down Provence (more on that later....) so with all this aqua I knew it was time to change this room up a bit too.  The predominate theme here is vintage (of course) along with RED, aqua and my favorite pale green. 

This pale green box was picked up a couple of years ago at a local garden center for half price... usually it holds my collection (well a portion) of milk glass vases that I pick up at garage/estate sales and thrift stores.  For the holidays I add these fun tinsel-y trees and my small collection of vintage tree toppers.

This little gal is tucked in next to my Christmas cactus, which is happily blooming!

This cute little vintage "Noel" pair of candle holders is safely tucked into a corner of the a window....

And a sneak peak of the main event?  It's the "real" tree.  Covered with all my red/white ornaments along with some new plain balls of red, aqua and pale green.  Mr. and Mrs. Clause may be made up of cheap plastic and flocked velvet-y-ness... but it is a vintage ornament and they sure look cute all puckered up!

Hitting the holiday stride, on the last day of November,


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  1. Love your decorations - especially the wreath on the picture idea and that entire vignette! Cute elves, angels and Santas, too! I love Santas and put the little guy everywhere!
    Have a fabulous Rednesday!

  2. You have just the right touches of red in your decorations. Each one is pretty.

  3. Oh my gosh, I love your vintage holiday decor. I was looking for some this year and came up short:( I love your header too, and yes you are right, it is so much fun to change it up!

  4. I LOVE your breakfast room vignette, too! The red and white is so pretty~it just pops!

  5. Everything looks beautiful!!! Your vintage santa's and such remind me of my mom and grandma...where are those things now I wonder?! Enjoy this beautiful day!!

  6. I think your pale green and white make the perfect backdrop for the Christmas red...I love looks so cute! especially those vintage figurines and that little ornament, yep, does make me smile :)
    Big hugs,

  7. All the Santas are so cute. The tumbling ones are sweet. Mr. and Mrs. Clause look great on your tree.

  8. I wish your house was a store and I could go shopping! It'd be sooo much fun!

  9. Santa and Mrs. Claus get my vote! Cute!


    A day without scarlet, they say,
    Can color the soul ashen-grey;
    For if there’s no red,
    The soul feels half-dead,
    And has no incentive to play.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red blossoms here, red buds here

  10. OH, I just love vintage Christmas, and yours is displayed so wonderfully, and a great idea for the tree toppers, they are always something that I never know how to show...great idea for the box! ;0)

  11. How cute...I love the pops of red. Thanks for dropping by. I love your tree skirt also. I also made two out of burlap..Talk about a pain..

  12. You are soooo clever...those wreaths are really, really pretty, as are your photos!. Only 3 weeks til the big day...yikes, how will I sleep tonight?! Must shop, clean, cook, clean, bake, clean...did I mention clean?! Thanks again for the inspiration, I'm off to make your glittery tree in a jar!


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