Monday, November 28, 2011

Vintage Holiday

As most of you are aware, I'm very into the vintage factor in my decorating... and the holidays are no different.  In fact this year, other than a few items, almost all of my Christmas decorating was done with vintage pieces.  For the non-vintage pieces?  Well they are either vintage inspired or the sentimental holiday decorations that can't be left out!

Today, a little tour of the dining room here at Red Gate Farm.  You may notice that the built in cabinet has a bit of Christmas tucked into each glassed in opening.

And this little guy perched on the stool?  Well he is one of the non-vintage items... well at least not vintage yet.  My mom used to make Santas of all shapes and styles.  She made me this one when I was in my "cream and gold" Christmas decorating phase... about 15 years ago... hey, maybe that's vintage by now!

She did use many vintage items in Santa's little bag and the fur trim is real fur.  She collected fur collars and small women's accessory pieces and used the fur to trim out her Santas.  Since his "bottom"  is filled with beans he sits quite nicely and isn't knocked about since he is fairly tall... about 20 to 24 inches.

Of course one of my favorite vintage Christmas items is Shiny Brite ornaments.  I've collected quite a few piece by piece but I have come across "lots" 3 times now.  The most recent score was this year at the local thrift store.... 25 of them for $6.99.  Some were plain and some were quite ornate.  That little pink horn on top was one of them... now I have 3 of those little horns.

I think my favorite ones, and ones I've never seen before, in the lot were these two with little "balls" on the bottoms... two of them in perfect condition!  The votives that they rest in are part of the non-vintage... but everything else is vintage right down to the silver pieces.

And these little guys.... well I get excited every year when I bring them out of their box!  They also came in a lot on eBay a few years ago.  One is a bit larger than the other... and also in that lot?  A vintage corsage... you can just see it peaking out behind the mushroom on the right.

From a bit of a distance, all the Shiny Brites looks so fun and special displayed on my old silver tray.  Plus when I need the dining room table completely clear... well it's just one tray to move!

The tree again, in the daylight.  This tree is soon to be "vintage" itself!  I purchased this skinny fake faux tree about 18 or 19 years ago to fit in our living room window... it's a perfect size to perch on top of my antique buffet.  This tree has always been a themed tree... usually themed just by color... this year it is color AND vintage factor!  I used all vintage gold and silver Shiny Brites on the tree this year and found some new, but old looking, mercury glass bulb lights.... they're the lights that shine the brightest.  This is also tree that I made my new shabby ruffled tree skirt for.

Some of those ornaments up close?  Well they look like this one....

and this one... both which came in my lot from the thrift store!  I like this berry/grape cluster one... I don't have any others like this one either.

Since this tree is on the buffet... and there isn't much room for gifts... I nestled a vintage ornament box under the tree.... complete with vintage tissue and a couple of vintage ornaments.  The little egg ornament is a diorama of a winter scene.

And as you exit the dining room, just through the pocket doors and to the right... a sneak peek of the main event...

But you'll have to stop back by to enjoy more of my vintage holiday,

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  1. Great shiny brites! I love all things vintage too and just broke out my shiny brites and am decorating like crazy!

  2. I have been collecting for years and you must have too, I spy some very nice pieces. It sure is fun when you find that box of treasures every once in awhile! xo

  3. Mmm... love all the vintage pretties. So nice to get to peek =)

  4. Some great unique pieces. I collect the old mercury, blown glass birds. Will be posting on them in a few days, once they are all up.

  5. "It is starting to look a lot like Christmas . . . every where I go . . ."
    (and especially at Red Gate Farm)

  6. oh, so pretty. what a beauiful home. just lovely. can't wait to see more. (:

  7. Chris, your pictures and home are absolutely stunning! Merry Christmas my dear!

  8. The tree ornaments of yesteryear are simply the best! New ones simply cannot compete, although they certainly try. Love your collection and the little horns are VERY sweet.

  9. Love your displays, can't beat those shiny brites for vintage flavor! I love them in the glass, they show off so beautifully!

  10. Looking gorgeous! I love it and will be back soon to enjoy more!
    xo, misha

  11. I have some glass ornaments in a box, but to be honest use plastic for safety reasons. There's nothing like real glass though. Richard

  12. You've got a great collection! I can't wait to see more.
    We had a glass ornament once. We took it out of the box, put a hook on it, and hung it up. The collar thing at the top the keeps the hook on? It came off immediately, and the ornament fell to the ground. It was history. It was the shortest lived ornament of all time.

  13. Love it all! My tree is filled with shiny brite's from Goodwill! No joke. Find some every year. Now I have enough to deck out the tree. Your home looks very inviting and festive!

  14. Your ornaments and Christmas decorations are just splendid! Makes me want to turn on the Christmas lights and watch "It's a Wonderful Life!"


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