Thursday, July 12, 2012

seed to start to bud to flower.....

July has been living up to my expectation or definition of summer.... blue skies, warm days, flowers (and weeds) growing like crazy.... today is all about the flowers I grow from seed.

The first of my sweet peas are blooming.

I plant sweet peas in a couple of locations but this one is in the vegetable garden, for cutting.  I love to have a little bouquet of sweet peas in the kitchen window.  Hopefully soon I will be cutting away...

Nasturtiums are another easy to grow flower.  I decided to use them in some baskets this year... on the pumphouse...

as well as the greenhouse...

This is one of my favorites... it's actually a paler yellow than what appears here, named Peach Melba.  I used to plant this one in my "pink garden" since I like the pale yellow with pink... however they can tend to reseed and takeover a space if left alone!

My Wave Petunias are really coming into their own... this one is a pale lavender with a darker purple center named "Silver".  I used it here last year and by the end of summer it cascaded out of the little pot and down the side of the porch.... putting on quite a show.  These seeds take FOREVER to become actual plants... even longer than the impatiens I grow.

My french marigolds... not only from seed but seeds I actually saved myself from last year!  Success!!

The sunflowers in the metal trough are growing nicely... I can hardly wait for their sunny faces to show in front of the pumphouse.... especially the "Teddy Bear" sunflowers!

But the star of the garden and garden season is the zinnias.... I have literally hundreds of zinnia planted in the vegetable garden for cutting as well as other varieties through out other flower beds.  These two rows are the "wedding zinnias".... they should all be lime green "Envy", pure white appropriately named "White Wedding" and a true purple with a lime center (I forget the name...).

Here is the first of the "Envy" zinnias to come....

This one is "Swizzle Cherry and Ivory" zinnia.... in another spot in the veg garden...

Oh!  And what is this Envy zinnia doing over here?  Hmmmm maybe those mice in my seeds didn't just eat them... I think they must have rearranged a few of the flats too....

A pretty pink "Cut and Come Again" Zinnia....

This one is a pale, almost lavender zinnia.... probably also a "Cut and Come Again"....

Even the buds are pretty....

And finally... bushy Mexican zinnia planted along the edge of the trough of sunflowers...

Next week I'll be spending much of my time here... in the gardens at Red Gate Farm... hopefully enjoying a continuation of summer... And what are those metal posts?  Well hopefully I'll be sharing my "fancy wire" garden fence with you next week!  My birthday present from last summer!

And since our Internet at home has been rather fickle of late...

You may not hear much from me... of course, that may just be due to my enjoying the sun, a Coke and my Kindle instead...

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  1. Oh, your flowers look just lovely! I am most envious of your wonderful weather - it makes for beautiful blooms. The heat we are having here zaps everything - me, the dog and the flowers!

  2. Your garden looks so lush!

  3. I use troughs like yours for planting as well... they're big enough to contain quite a display! Larry

  4. You must work very hard with all that gardening! You have a lot to show for it. Bravo! Teresa :-)

  5. Your flowers are so beautiful!! Have fun enjoying the sunshine! ;) xo Heather

  6. I am so excited to find the blog of a fellow gardener and zinnia lover. I have planted a buzillion...but mine are not flowering yet. Envy is my favorite, and I have planted Queen Red Lime which has me very excited! Can't wait to come back for a visit!

  7. Such lovely flowers Chris -- some of my favorites too. Especially the sweetpeas :)


  8. The only thing that I grow from seed is morning glories, and I'm always happy to see them germinate and grow, so you must be positively ecstatic from your success! Thanks for the tour of your gardens. They're looking spectacular!

  9. Lovely as always. I'm going out this morning to cut my zinnias too. They really are the perfect flower, aren't they? They last forever, and can fight any amount of heat, at least here. Thanks for sharing.

  10. geez, i've never tried the zinnia, but maybe i should...your's are so very pretty! xxoo, tracie

    thank you for sharing over here at this weeks garden party. i hope you are enjoying the weekend!?!

  11. Love that windmill folks. Richard


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