Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #12 - Got Milk?... milk glass that is...

You just knew that one of these "Wedding Wednesdays" would be about milk glass, didn't ya?

Much of the milk glass I've collected is old, but this set of three cake stands is replica... the other two stands are vintage.  I picked one up at a local antique store and the other at a rummage sale at a retirement home.  Both were $15 which I thought was a steal.  I think the cake, or should I say cupcake, table will look fabulous!

Most of my milk glass collection has been thrift store finds.  All of the piece below came from a local thrift store... the most expensive?  Just $2.99... can't bet those prices!

I have pitchers, creamers and even a sugar bowl to use...

And of course, lots and lots of vases....

As you know, the bud vases will be clustered on each table in sets of three.... but I also have other vases to use for larger floral bouquets to use all around.

After all, my collection is pretty large!  I'm not sure what my husband will think when I start packing boxes and boxes up of this stuff....

And what to put in some of these larger vases?  Well perhaps some of these dark purple hydrangeas that I stole acquired from my son's gorgeous bush!

Just the perfect color for this purple and green wedding.

His hydrangea bush is huge and covered in fabulous, monstrously big blossoms.... I hope some of them will still be looking this good in August!

Counting down the days... 4 1/2 weeks to go.


  1. Hi Chris: I've missed a few of your posts lately but am glad to be back in the wedding loop. How wonderful that you have enough treasures to do a whole wedding. It is going to be so beautiful..Happy Wednesday..Judy

  2. You know what Chris I always pull out my Milk Glass for Baby Showers Bridal Showers, Birthday Parties, it shows everything off so well. Hugs, Diane

  3. What a beautiful collection of milk glass...

  4. Gorgeous collection of Milk Glass.

  5. Your collection of milk glass is so beautiful!! xo Heather

  6. What a wonderful collection! And those hydrangeas...awesome color...I wish I could get mine to get that dark!

  7. Looks great. Now...what will you do with all this AFTER the wedding? Just wondering for my future use....The purple hydrangeas are beautiful!

  8. What a great collection you collected!! I know yall will have a blast using them at the wedding. Love the hydrangeas, that color is amazing and nothing looks better in milk glass than hydrangeas!

  9. You have some great milk glass! Those cake stands will look great on the cupcake table.
    I have one, count it, ONE hydrangea bloom. Your pilfered ones are beautiful.

  10. You have the best milk glass collection! And that purple hydrangea - wow!


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