Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hydrangeas = Happiness

One plant that has been thrilled with our unusually cool... and typically rainy... weather is my hydrangeas.  Every one of them has buds or flowers.  Many of my hydrangeas have NEVER had a bloom... well none since they came out of their nursery pots that is... so this is an exciting year in my garden.

This lacecap was my second hydrangea... it has been a solid and steady bloomer.  I like the dark tinged leaves...

This Limelight Hydrangea will be putting on a great show this year... at least if these buds have anything to do with it.  I have two of these south facing beauties and will be adding a Limelight topiary after the wedding....

This is my dependable hydrangea... one of the easiest it seems to have flower... named Endless Summer.  This was the first hydrangea that I planted here at Red Gate Farm.  I love how, in my soil at least,  the individual blossoms start out with blue edges... moving all into blue....

In the background of Endless Summer is Lemon Daddy... you can see it's bright chartreuse-y/yellow leaves... for the first time ever this "daddy" has one small flower forming!

This is Annabelle.  She has HUGE, white flowers once in bloom.  I moved her last year from a spot that seemed to be too shady and perhaps too dry.  She is covered with forming blossoms...

A pink hydrangea... I'll have to check my garden journal for a name... after a 3rd season this one too finally will have a flower!

Meet Glowing Embers... she is the third hydrangea I planted at Red Gate Farm.  She has never had a flower in 5 seasons.... this year I'm counting 5 flowers ready to bloom!  I can't wait to see this bright red flower bloom in my bird garden.

And by the road in my shade garden?  Well this is Lanath... a white flowering hydrangea.  Lanath will have blooms for the first time in 4 seasons.... this is the bed that I moved Anabelle out of....

Of course I've added a couple of new hydrangeas this year around the barn... but haven't taken any photos yet.  One of the additions is Vanilla Strawberry... I've been wanting this one for a couple of years now and snatched one up at a local nursery when I was shopping for hydrangeas for the wedding.  Vanilla Strawberry is still pretty small but I think she will be stunning against the barn... it's a full sun type hydrangea like Limelight so I hope she likes her new home...
So... I guess something around here enjoyed our Juneary weather!  And finally, not to jinx anything, but the weatherman has sunshine and blue skies in our forecast... 
Hope your 4th was happy and safe...

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  1. You have so many varieties of hydrangeas and I love them all! I've always wanted to grow them but I have run out of space! I really like the Endless Summer, that is what I nearly bought! Are you having any of this heat?


  2. It looks like great weather thru Monday..(knocking on wood). You have so many lovely hydrangeas. I have one and need to move it, finally some small blooms and the growth seems stunted. I will transfer it to the North side of the house. If it does well there, I may try some of the ones you mention. xo

  3. How gorgeous! Love hydrangeas!

  4. What beautiful hydrangeas! They are one of my favorite flowers, and were in my wedding bouquet! Hope you weekend is most lovely!! xo Heather

  5. I only have one hydrangea and it's a classic.. I need to get some more varieties! I'm excited about our good weather!! I keep looking for my blog in you list.. ::pout:: it's never there! :-)

  6. Love your hydreangeas, my grandma always called them her snowball bush! Lovely, Jean

  7. The heat has broken over my way folks, so I hope it has as well over your neck of the woods. Richard

  8. thanks for sharing.


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