Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #11 - Suitcases, not just for packing for a honeymoon...

Pinterest is full of fabulous ideas for using vintage suitcases in weddings and receptions... We came across a matching set of 2 suitcases and a train or makeup case recently.  An off white set even... intact with the keys!  We know what we'll do with two of the cases... the third, and the largest, is still up in the air.

For the train case?  Well they make the perfect spot for cards at the reception....

A lace and linen table topper hides the rocks in the bottom... rocks needed to keep the case from toppling over.  The lid is fairly heavy and has a mirror which meant it wouldn't stay put!

My vintage chalk board fits just right against the lid... with a gentle reminder of the purpose (ok, maybe that's not really a gentle reminder).

See?  Keys are still attached to the handle!

And here's the mirror... another idea is to write on the mirror itself with something that can be removed... like lipstick or perhaps a garland instead of the chalkboard?

And the stool it is perched on?  Well this stool was my grandma's.  When I was a little girl we went there on most Sundays for dinner (or supper)... served at noon of course.  I was the one that sat on the stool instead of a chair since there was a shortage of chairs and space.  Now the stool sits in my dining room but will be a sentimental addition at the wedding since my grandma passed away 8 years ago.

And a side view... just in case you were wondering...

And the medium sized suitcase?  Well it is destined to hold the programs which will actually be fans as well.  August, even in Washington, can be hot!

I have a vintage folding chair I picked up last summer for $5 that will work to hold it...

See the cute little number on it?  It adds character... and would be so cool if it was an "18" for the wedding date!

It fits perfectly!

Another lace tablecloth or runner to line the bottom... although this one doesn't need any rocks in the bottom.

My fabulous "I DO" letters work in this lid... since they are vintage sign letters they even have little clips on the back that I clipped right to the satin pocket on the lid... no falling over!

The programs are one of the final projects to be completed.  The ceremony is being finalized and so until we know every detail I can't get started on them.

They will be made out of this fabulous paper from Paper Source (which for the first time actually looks purple in the photo!).

The little white "thing-y" on top of the purple pile is a fan/program from a wedding my daughter attended last summer... Ours will be similar with a plain wooden stick and perhaps a bit of ribbon.

And you know my cousin (who had a daughter get married last summer and one will be married this summer the weekend before mine) told me that the last 4 to 6 weeks would fly by... well I think she was right... we've officially stepped onto the wedding roller coaster and it's crested the peak and is screaming straight down the other side!

But fortunately I'm off work next week... now I just need to find a purpose for the largest suitcase... work on my wedding project list, weed, weed, weed and perhaps even spend some days in the sun since this vacation is actually  a "staycation" (or "work-cation) at home.  My usual footwear in the summer is Chaco sandals... similar to Tevas... and if you ONLY wear them all summer you end up with a great tan line in the shape of a "Z" across the top of your foot... a tan line however that won't look so great in the new slingback shoes I purchased for the wedding... Good excuse for a bit time in the Adirondack chair with an iced tea and my Kindle... between chores and projects... don't ya think?

Five and half weeks and counting....


  1. Oh it all looks so lovely ! Weeds seem to grow no matter what , no rain for 3 weeks and still none in the forcast ! I have been spending almost every eve after sunset watering ! Have a great day !

  2. You are so clever! I love watching this all unfold.

  3. Those suitcases remind me of my mom's things. You sure have scored some neat things for the wedding. I really hope you share photos of "the day". Teresa :-)

  4. Love the suitcase!! Love the I Do letters!! So neat!! What a beautiful wedding this is going to be! xo Heather

  5. So many wonderful ideas Chris! This wedding is going to be awesome! You're inviting all your blogging friends, right?

  6. it looks as though everything is coming together for you. I'm so excited to see all these wonderful ideas...too bad Pinterest wasn't around when my girl got married four years ago. Love the vintage look.

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  8. I am fascinated by all of these great ideas. This will be such a unique and special wedding. xo

  9. I am a huge fan of vintage suit cases. Are you serving food buffet style? -- the large one would be great for holding plates, napkins, etc. - or how about chalked FULL of flowers? What a lovely wedding you have planned -- how did we plan such things before Pinterest? :)


  10. Those suitcases are so perfect! I love all the ideas you've come up with. It's going to be such a great wedding!


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