Thursday, July 26, 2012

Wedding Wednesday #13 - Someday is not a day of the week...

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow." - Mark Twain

Yes, I am known in my family as a procrastinator.  I'm the girl who was sewing the buttons on my wedding dress... and completing my veil the day before my wedding... after all, it will only take a minute, right?

This time around, for my daughter's wedding, I've tried to stay on top of things and for the most part, surprise, I have!

But now, WOW!   I can't believe another week has gone by... the countdown is under the 4 week mark!  While on vacation (or should I say staycation) last week I managed to check a number of projects off my "list".... pretty good for someone who's middle name should have been "miss procrastinator"!

Although I still have tons of projects partially completed, I did finally manage to finish all of the chalkboards.  Including this one that I painted on the reverse side of the glass that came with the frame for something a bit different.

I painted, distressed and waxed a funky little vintage shelf.  I used ASCP in graphite.

It came out just like I imagined... originally I thought about using this on the cupcake table to display cupcakes but now, after all the milk glass pedestals, well I have something else in mind.

And, "knock on wood"... not that I'm superstitious... but I've managed to keep the wedding plants and flowers alive.  Just 3 1/2 more weeks to go!

The zinnias are growing like crazy and most are flowering.

Even some multi colored bachelor buttons have arrived...

I am however a bit disappointed in my "purple" zinnias.  They are more pink than purple.  I shouldn't be too surprised since I've never seen a true purple zinnia.

Oh well, at least the lime and white zinnias are looking promising!

And the hydrangea topiaries?   Well, they have tons of blossoms just starting to show...

I think they are going to be show stoppers in a couple of weeks!

Of course, I couldn't resist starting a few projects that weren't on my list... one with some glitter, glue and ribbon...

Inspired by a $.60 piece of vintage sheet music no less...

Everything else I had on hand... I even got to try out my new "fancy" cutting blade for my rotary cutter.

But this project?   Well it's a little surprise for the bride on the wedding day... to see it you'll have to be sure to come back... after August 18th... because actually, it isn't quite finished yet...

After all, since I have no buttons to be sewing on August 17th I have to have SOMETHING to work on!


  1. Awww, I'm sure the bride will love your surprise... sure wish I could see it though. :-)

  2. Your gardends look wonderful Chris and I'm thoroughly enjoying all the wedding inspiration! It's getting close!

  3. It has been wonderful to see your weekly wedding post? Thank you for keeping "us" in your loop!

    I am very excited to see your final flowers. Nervous I have felt, wondering if the crazy different weather of the "Summer of 2012" would play havoc on your many plans.

    It looks like all is well . . .

  4. You have everything so organized I would have never guessed that you have that same 'procrastinating' problem as I have.

    The flowers look great, I am looking forward to seeing the Hydrangea when it blooms out.

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  5. tick tock.. 4 weeks will speed by.. it will all be wonderful and memorable. I so look forward to seeing photos from the big event. Having had 3 children married, my best advice is to just breath deep and enjoy the moment of the wedding as it will be fleeting. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. So, so pretty! What an amazing wedding this will be!

  7. Looks like someones ready for a wedding! Richard

  8. Its going to be just wonderful. I really want to see what you're up to with that project...

  9. WOW! Its so pretty....What a amazing wedding....The flower looks great....Its going to amazing....great post.


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