Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Autumn's Beauty and Bounty

Today was a beautiful autumn day.  Cerulean blue skies.  The fading warmth of the sun, turning light to gold.  Crisp, clean air.

I took a turn around the gardens, flower and vegetable.  Gardens, although shamefully ignored, still providing beauty and bounty.

The last of the pink and white roses, peeking out amongst the hips.

My chrysanthemum, still with perfect blooms.

Leeks lined up like soldiers down their row, just waiting for their call to soup pot duty.  Although you must ignore the weeds.

And a wonderful surprise, my first time at trying to grow...

Brussel Sprouts!  Ready for harvest just in time for Thanksgiving, Bouchard & American style.

Enjoying the here and now,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

PS  Yesterday I read a wonderful, informational post at Funky Junk Interiors.  I linked to this post through Cottage Instincts.  If you are a newish blogger like me.. Check. It. Out.  GREAT tips and hints, some of which you may know, some which may be helpful!


  1. Wow... your vegetable garden is looking amazing! I have a spot cleared in the garden for one, but haven't planted it yet. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Jo :)

  2. Your flowers were bveautiful!I love the last of the flowers in fall there is something so pretty about that splash of color when everything is dying. Never seen brussel sprout in the garden before only in the frozen section at grocery store. Traci

  3. love your blog...thanks for stopping by and leaving such sweet and encouraging comments!

    I've enjoyed looking around and getting to you ....what a beautiful part of the country you live in!!

  4. I am starting to miss my garden already. Everything is all cut down for the winter and I'm begining to think of spring planting. It's a sickness I tell you!

  5. thank you for the tour - much needed color for this time of year!


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