Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby, it's cold outside

I had plans to get some holiday decorating done tonight, maybe put up a few pictures.  But I've gotten sidetracked. 

I'm not sure who ordered this weather up, but it can go ahead and skid-daddle any time now.  It is COLD here.  Somebody please tell Old Man Winter that he is a tad bit early.  We got a little snow over the weekend, but it's the cold temperatures and wind that are putting me over the edge.  On my drive home from work it was all I could do to stay on the road!  Gusts of up to 60 mph are predicted until 4:00 am.

Temperature at my house at a little after 5:00 pm, today..... really, 5:00 pm!

and with windchill factored in... And for my Canadian friends... that is NOT Celsius! 

Hopefully the power stays on long enough to get this posted and dinner finished.  Maybe my priorities are backwards there, I suppose it should be dinner then blogging.  After dinner, I think it's time to hunker down with a nice fire.  Maybe my warm afghan and a good book.  I have my candles at the ready....

And just in case, we'll get the generator out.

Keeping warm and keeping the home fires a burnin'

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. Oh my, it is cold!! Get that fire going, a soft throw, cup of tea or coacoa and a nice book. That's what I would do :)

  2. I just posted about our change in plans for Thanksgiving because of this weather..Anacortes wasn't supposed to get this snow. Keep safe and warm.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Sometimes you just aren't ready for that winter cold air to arrive. In New England we have had a few really cold days too. Bundle up!!!

  4. Brrrr! They are predicting a drop from mid 70's to 30's here in Oklahoma on Wednesday. I'm glad we have some warning with it this time. I'll have my wood by the stove. Stay warm next to yours!

  5. ohhhhhhhhhhh you are one lucky bum!!! You and that awesome wood stove!!!!

    we are freezing in this non insulated house mother nature dumped big snow storm on us. winds and rain blowing off the water and dumping snow....and cold.

    I spent all day putting plastic up over all the windows and sealing up the doors..

    YOu are lucky, read a good book and cuddle!

  6. Yikes Chris ... that is really chilly! We've just had a 2-day warmish spell that made it almost feel 'spring-like'! I must say, that wood stove looks mighty cozy and hopefully you kept close to it and kept warm! Safe driving!

  7. OOOH that's nasty! I'm not a fan of Old Man Winter!!! We had a few cooler days then it was back up in the lower 70s. I have a feeling we're going to pay for it, though. Flu-like symptoms are already hitting my home town. I hope you stay warm and safe.

  8. That is cold! I hope it does not come our way...but I am sure it will eventually! Stay warm!

  9. Isn't it funny though, that because we know it won't last long we don't dress very appropriatly??? Had to run some Errands in Lynden and didn't even take a coat!!! Scarf, gloves and a wool sweater...yes, but no coat! And I wasn't the only one!!!! Stupid!!!!

    The fire's been going here non-stop! I canned chicken and stock yesterday, made some homemade soup and bread and had a cozy night!!!

    Hubby was supposed to go to Seattle today, but now isn't, however my daughter is driving up from Port Orchard. Wanted her to take the train, but she is 21 and doesn't heed our advice very well!!

    Stay warm and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  10. Brrrr!! We dropped from 70's yesterday to 20's last night. Too drastic for me! Stay cozy (wish I had your stove). Have a great Thanksgiving!! -Tammy

  11. We are crazy people from upnorth - when it freezes we all get our taped brooms ready to play broomball at our friends pond, floodlights, warming fire and all - and snow means that we all take turns having bonfire parties at our homes to burn the brush we couldnt burn during the year - you need lots of people for that to have a fire starting contest and for people to tend to all sides (we've had 25 foot wide brush piles!)...and really cold means the ice is frozen ready to drive on to go ice fishing... and you havent lived loud until you go to a packer game up in no wonder wisconsin is known for its beer and cheese intake; we need it like a bear to keep warm!


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