Friday, November 12, 2010

A fabulous festive Friday... preparing for Christmas

I've decided, until at least December 1st, to have a weekly Christmas post about getting ready for the holidays.  Once we hit December, well there will be no holding me back!  Really.

Today on my lunch break I jetted over to Michael's to check out the Martha Stewart Christmas craft items.  Our Michael's is a bit disappointing in how much of Martha's stuff they carry.  I've been in a couple of Michael's in the Seattle area and they have WAY more of her line.

I picked up some tags, paper, candy cups and containers for cookies and such.  I give home baked goodies and canned items to family and friends for the holidays.  I like to try to package it so that it looks pretty.  This year I've also been scouting the garage sales and thrift stores for plates and trays to incorporate "a little more green living" into my traditional giving.

On my way home from work, I stopped by a local gift store, Grandiflora.  They were having their annual Christmas sale.  This little tree just called out to me...

And these fantastic wreaths are handmade out of vintage sheet music, with a little glitter of course.  I already hung two of them on my dining room cabinet.  I'm really looking forward to decorating this for the holidays.

When I got home, the mail brought me both of these fabulous Christmas magazines.  Mary Jane's Farm, which I subscribe to and....

the "bookazine" Holiday with Matthew Mead which I ordered many months ago and am so excited to finally have it in my hands.

I'm looking forward to reading through these later this evening, after date night... will it be burgers or pizza?  Home Depot or Lowes?

Enjoy the start to a fabulous weekend,
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. I'm thinking date night should not end with reading a both Lowes and HD...I spent my day in Phoenix doing the very same thing...going to Michaels, HD, glad to be home to my little oasis in the desert...

  2. I absolutely love your new little tree. It is so vintage looking and I wouldn't have passed it up either. Love the wreathes and your built ins are awesome (wreathes look great there). I bought Mary Jane's Christmas magazine this week too.
    Looking forward to all your Christmas posts :)

  3. Hi Chris ~ Isn't this time of year so exciting? I LOVE the wreaths and they look so beautiful where you've hung them in the diningroom. I also love the wee vintage style tree! I'm busy taking down and putting away all my Fall decor and will start getting the boxes out with my Christmas stuff. It's such a big chore but so worth it when everything is done! Happy weekend! xox

  4. Love the vintage looking tree. I also subscribe to Mary Jane. Dontcha love her? I'm antsy for Christmas too, but I haven't taken the plunge yet. When we're off school for Thanksgiving is when we start. Can't wait to see your other Christmas posts!

  5. I did Michaels last night and got some Martha stuff....I've been to grandiflora 3 times now and I've been enjoying my MJ mag for a few days!!!!
    We have so much in common!!!! Can't wait to hear about the M. Mead mag...I don't have that one!
    I so want to start decorating, but I'm trying hard to hold off for a little while longer. Family pressure!!!!
    I noticed that 95.7 is playing all Christmas music it!!!!

    Have fun with your holiday decor!!

  6. It all looks great so far. Love the wreaths!

  7. ooo! Im gonna check out the magazines, I love to read the latest ideas to decorate for holidays!

    Love the wreaths on the new cabinets - so vintage yet updated :)

  8. Such choices! And a date night too....wooohooo! Sounds like a wonderful evening to me and I hope you had a wonderful time. Enjoy your magazine and bookazine! Maura :)


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