Monday, November 1, 2010

Welcome to my laundry room, I mean home.

My home, being an old farmhouse, is one of those houses where everyone and I mean EVERYONE enters through my back door.  (I'm not sure what the front door is actually for?? Just "show" maybe??)   It leads you into an enclosed back porch, an actual porch that was enclosed many, many years ago.

The back porch also houses the laundry.  When we moved in I made a solemn promise to myself that the tops of my washer and dryer would always be clear, nothing on top since this what everyone sees when they come into our home.  I've stuck to that pretty well for almost 6 years.  My son and I built the shelves.  Since I wanted to be sure nothing could be knocked off, we added a small "lip" around the edge.  The large white metal container hold my laundry soap.  I like the yellow, white and sort of aqua/turquoise combination.  I also have my grandmother's old wooden towel rack hanging with a bit of fabric.  One of these days I plan to make it into a vintage styled clothes pin holder.

When we moved in, the room was yellow, a rather bright shade of yellow, with very blue trim.  We repainted it a much softer yellow, with white trim and a white ceiling.  The flooring is still the very tired and curling vinyl flooring which does need to be replaced.

And, the lovely blue railing is designed like an exterior deck or porch railing... not quite what we have in mind but we haven't come up with a good replacement idea for such a tight space.  Currently the railing is also MIA due to the dining room cabinet install.  Yes, this is a safety issue and yes someone (me) has already fallen "overboard"... fortunately I saved myself from major injuries by grabbing the window ledge on my way down.... I am much more careful now.

All in all, I think it is a warm and inviting space that says "welcome" when you stop by Red Gate Farm... and if I break the "nothing on the washer rule" maybe you can just ignore it.

Happy Monday,
Chris at Red Gate Farm

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  1. I think your laundry room is a charming entry to your home! I love the colors, and especially like the sign and the canning jars. My laundry room doubles as a second bathroom, so I too, have made vows to keep it presentable. I do keep some cleaners on the dryer, but put them in a really pretty basket. Re: your floor; we just did our kitchen and laundry in old fashioned linoleum squares; but set them 'on point' (diamond pattern) rather than checkerboard. I love it-and it was very inexpensive!

  2. I would kill for a laundry room. We don't use our front door either. Curse of a tiny house and fully fenced yard I guess.

  3. It's funny that so many doors are not used for their intended purposes. Our last home was always entered into through the kitchen and we never used the front door! Your laundry area is very charming (and clean and organized)! I love the shelves you constructed with your son and I also love the container for your soap. My laundry area is overdue for a makeover!

  4. Very pretty room, makes me want to do laundry. (Not really) But love the room!


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