Monday, November 8, 2010

Wishing for rain, not snow

I keep hearing this prediction, we're in for a LONG winter.  I'm not a huge snow person, I live in the Pacific Northwest, within a few miles of the Puget Sound... we just don't do winter, rain yes, snow no. 

I'm not sure when I became an anti-snow person.  Perhaps when it snowed for days before our (December) wedding, or on what seemed like approximately half of my childrens' birthdays (they were both January babies).  Whatever the reason, I'm not looking forward to the first of the white flurries.

It has snowed every year since we moved to Red Gate Farm.  Always at the time when it is the most inconvenient.  And most of it, well it wasn't even officially winter yet!!

Four years ago we were surprised with a "little" snow at Thanksgiving.  Schools closed for three days. Our  fifty year old furnace died, for good.

Three years ago, this was the first of December.  If this happens three weeks from now, I'm NOT even getting out of bed.

Two years ago, we drove to Seattle, 100 miles each way to pick up my daughter who was then in college.    At night, not evening, but night.  The longest, scariest drive of my entire life.  It was a few days before Christmas.  And it kept snowing.  By Christmas Day we had over two feet of snow.  I know that doesn't sound like much to some but if a neighbor hadn't plowed our driveway we wouldn't have gotten up it, even with four wheel drive!

Last year, we were fortunate to just receive a dusting, like powdered sugar on a donut, early in December.

But nothing can top 1996 when we got over three feet... with a Nor'ester blowing.  Cars where buried in drifts, drifts reached roof tops.  At our old house, we opened our garage door to a wall of snow, literally.  Mt Baker ski area CLOSED because of TOO MUCH snow.

And since it never snows here, the cities, the counties... well we don't have snow plows.

I'm in denial about the whole upcoming winter weather, I think the weather people have it all wrong.  But we'll be sure to have the generator all tuned up, just in case.

Here's hoping for a WARM and wet autumn and winter.
Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. I remember the winter of 1996 very well. The Sumas Prairie, just at the Huntington border there, got snowed in and people were stranded for days, on the main freeway. They ended up leaving their vehicles for nearby farm houses and people welcomed strangers into there homes for up to a couple of days.

    since this area shares the same area as Mt. Baker it was surely a doozy. A doozy I am not looking forward to.

    2 winters past was a crazy one stuck in my own yard for a week!

  2. I'm with you!! Hoping for the same here in the Midwest. However, your Red Gate Farm snow pictures are absolutely gorgeous! :) -Tammy

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous but I understand how you feel about snow. I feel the same way. I grew up in New England so I understand!
    I have been catching up on your last posts and can't believe the progress you have made at the Peach Palace in just one month! Amazing!!! I also love the kitchen makeover at your house.
    You are too much! Fabulous. Everything looks wonderful.

  4. That is a lot of snow! I have been hoping that we are in for a mild winter...*sigh*. I do love a snow storm but two days later I want it all to go away!



  5. Brrr...even just looking at your pics makes me cold...I can't imagine..I would definetely have to have a wood stove...

  6. C'mon Chris, Red Gate Farm looks so pretty all covered in snow, can't you embrace it even just for Christmas? All kidding aside, I know what you mean ~ each year that I get older the snow and cold is harder to take. And it is scary driving in some winter conditions but I do always hope for a "white" Christmas, I just want it all to melt on Boxing Day!

  7. Your photos are beautiful! It rarely snows in Alabama, but when it does you better watch out! It has snowed once in our town for the past two years and it was delightful. All 1" of it,you would have thought it was 3'. But while it is so awesome and we get SO excited, I couldn't deal with the mess for very long, and snow is dirty and ugly after a day. We had 1 or 2 flurries on Christmas Day last year and we were so excited it snowed on Christmas. haha.

  8. I hear you..I don't like smow either - mostly becuase I worry about bad drivers. But I have to say, your place looks beautiful covered in snow!! Magazine worthy - and now with your awesome new can stay in and make fabulous cocoa all day.

  9. I'm with you. Give me rain any day. The snow of '96 reached our rooftop. It blew into the attic through our soffets. We didn't realize it unit it started to melt on New Years Eve- we had holes all over the ceiling pouring water down on us like a faucet! Let it rain-let it rain-let it rain!

  10. You can send it my way!! All of it! We had no snow to speak of last year, and I was sick during the one opportunity we had to x-country ski.

    Two feet is A LOT! I have to say though, your house and property looks so beautiful with all that snow! Sure you don't want any?! : )



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