Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Peach Palace Update

Fall, a time to snuggle up inside and enjoy a cup of tea, a good book.  Watch the leaves fall.... enjoy the sounds of silence....

Screech.... (think sound of record player needle skidding across an old LP).  Well not here at Red Gate Farm, nor at the infamous Peach Palace.  Here's a sneak peak at what we've been working so hard on.

The 70's era front door, complete with opening "Who's there?" door thingy (obviously, I don't know what that little peek a boo door is all about).

After, new fiberglass door.  Since this house faces south and most of our wet weather comes from that direction, you need a good weather tight door.  One that will withstand the elements, this is Washington after all.  We do get a little rain.

And let's not forget the lovely, interior sliding door (if you have one of these, oops!) I really don't get the interior slider... what purpose does it serve?

And look up... acustical ceiling with gold sparkley things, cottage cheese ceiling, whatever you call it... is GONE!  That certainly wasn't my favorite project but it does look much, much better.

Now, replaced with a set of french doors.  They will look much better when the painting is completed and we can remove the protective covering on the glass.  Please also, take note of the beautiful new living room window to the left... it actually OPENS now too!

As expected, we've burned through most of the budget but have actually done pretty well overall.  We had some cost overruns, such as the new front door but we also saved places, like the new french doors.  The only "big" expenses left are the flooring in the front porch/sunroom and the flooring for all of the bedrooms.

Sometimes I find it hard to believe it was a month yesterday that we started... other times it feels much longer.  Soon, I plan to be here... with that tea... and a book.  Or maybe Christmas shopping.

Chris at Red Gate Farm


  1. I CANNOT believe how much you've accomplished in such a short period of time! I am really impressed with how well you guys work. The changes you've made to the Peach Palace are fabulous! I love those french doors! Okay, I need to know ... is this intended to be a 'flip' or a rental? What are your plans for the Peach Palace once you've completed its reno? I hope it won't be too long before you can enjoy that hot cup of tea while reading a good book!

  2. The Peach Palace is looking great! The front door alone is a huge improvement, not to mention the french doors. I love it. You are hitting a home run with this!

  3. Yes, Chris 330 sq ft ..if that..lol...hasn't been too bad..luckily my hubby and me like each other a lot !The main difference is the new guest will be a separate bedroom...right now it is all one big space...

  4. You've been busy!

    Your new front door looks great. I really like the window.

    A sliding door inside? Hmmm, ok that's different.

    So glad you have had the time lately to get some projects done - Must feel good to be checking off that to do list!

  5. Maybe the sliding glass door area was a sleeping porch or to keep out the cold.

    PS it's me from Cranberry Cottage...I ditched my old blog in case you came a lookin...

  6. Oh my goodness....until reading this post, I had totally blocked out the memory of this house and its popcorn/cottage cheese ceilings! You have accomplished so much. I love french doors in a house. Great improvement.


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